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Russia may purchase Aircraft and Drones from Turkey : Russia Vs NATO

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Recently, Turkey and Russia can now deal together on defense, missiles, and aircraft. This means that now Turkey is a country whose relations with both NATO and Russia are stable and deep ties but the US and NATO are facing all defense and aircraft deals between Turkey and Russia. However, there are many countries of Turkey and NATO that are still keeping their relations stable with Russia and it is possible that the confrontation between Russia and NATO in the future can be very harmful from one side. Because recently France, the UK, and the US have said that now they want to send a NATO army to Ukraine but Turkey will not be able to do so. so because Turkey and Russia are considered the biggest countries not only for Europe but for the whole world, is also an economic, defense, energy, and financial gateway. However, Turkey and Russia’s ties are going together in defence, finance, business, and development but if there is a war between NATO Vs Russia then the relations between Turkey and Russia can also get spoiled.

Will Turkey sell Defense, Arms, Missiles, Aircraft, and Drones to Russia or Belarus?

The biggest question here is whether Turkey will not be able to openly sell weapons, arms, and defense equipment to Russia and Belarus because NATO’s US, UK, and France can always send troops to Ukraine, of which Turkey is also a NATO member. So in such a situation, if Russia and Turkey come together on defense, arms, and missiles deal, then Turkey may get stuck between NATO and Russia in the future. Due to this maintaining relations between Turkey and Russia and NATO can be quite complicated for Turkey. Turkey is now Russia’s biggest friend in financial, business, defense, and economy as well as in the future but in the future Russia and Turkey can create tension due to the war between Turkey and Europe. It is possible that in the future Turkey can also become a member of BRICS due to which Russia and Turkey can get huge opportunities in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and economic zone.

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