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Russia May Offer Nuclear Weapons to Yemen in 2025, Israel Vs Houthi Tension : Israeli Gaza War

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Currently, Russia has also come to know about the close friendship between Russia and Yemen due to the ongoing conflict between Iran and the IsraelGaza war. Due to Iran, Yemen has almost blocked the Red Sea, due to which many countries will have to face financial and economic losses in the future. So, they believe that in the future, Russia and Yemen together can do a lot because the Yemeni army can become the strongest army in the Middle East. This would not be possible without Russia only with Iran and Yemen because now it is possible that in the future, after Iran, Yemen may become a nuclear-powered country. Yemen has many options, first is the Government and Army of Yemen, and second is the Houthi Rebels who almost control the entire western part of Yemen, but now due to the Israel and Gaza war, the stand of both Houthi and Yemeni Army is against Israel. But now it is believed that the way Russia and China have given nuclear weapons to North Korea is by supporting North Korea’s defense and nuclear facilities, now China and Russia’s plan in the future is Yemen.

Why are Russia and China Interesting in Yemeni Defense, Houthi, and Nuclear Reactors?

Just as Russia and China are playing a big role in making nuclear weapons in Iran in the Middle East, North Korea in East Asia, and Venezuela or Cuba in South America, the same is now happening in Yemen. It is being said that before there is any peace deal and war between the US and Yemen, Russia, and Iran can develop a lot in Yemen. Because if not today then tomorrow, it is profitable for every country to have relations with Yemen because Yemen is the biggest route of world trade route. However, it does not matter that Yemen neither has the money nor is a stable power because Russia and China have developed Nuclear Weapons in North Korea without any money. They also want Iran, Russia, and China to control some way to earn global trade routes but if nuclear weapons fall into the hands of Yemen then Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the USA can together take big steps against Yemen. In the next few years, we might see huge defense development in Yemen and the Middle East against Israel and Arabs. So now China, Russia, and Iran will have a lot of benefits after giving nuclear weapons to Yemen because it is believed that in the future, like North Korea, Yemen can also help Russia and Iran in regional peace just like North Korea.

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