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Russia, Germany, and UAE may invest in Maldives amid Boycott in India, NATO Vs US in Maldives : Maldives Vs Lakshadweep

Maldives Vs India, Russia and China investing Maldives, Maldives Vs Lakshadweep, Why are China, Russia, UAE, and Germany investing in Maldives amid the crisis between India and Maldives?. China investing defense, economic corridor, army, and tourism sectors.


Now after Maldives commenting about India and Israel, top tourists from India and India are now trying to choose Lakshadweep instead of Maldives. In view of all these, now Europe, the Middle East, and China are planning to create more investment, economic ties, and relationships in Maldives which will cause tourism and economic losses to Maldives from the face of India and with it, India from Maldives. There are also chances of geopolitical or defense losses. India and Russia are considered top competitors for tourism in Maldives, which is a big economy for the tourism sector of Maldives. It is possible that in the future there may be other types of deals between China and Maldives like defense, economic corridor, army, and tourism sectors. Due to all this, it now seems that China and the Middle East can be connected through trade within Yemen, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean. Currently, I am told that Maldives can pose a threat to India from China and Pakistan in the future because, after the withdrawal of India from Maldives, China can use Maldives to connect other investments to the Middle East and Europe.

Why are China, Russia, UAE, and Germany investing in Maldives amid the crisis between India and Maldives?

But now Russia, Germany, China, and UAE are eyeing Maldives which can increase investment on a large scale in the Middle East, Europe along China. Although the President of Maldives has already openly said that he wants to reduce his dependency from Indian or India, now Maldives wants to develop relations with China. But now it seems that due to the political crisis of IndiaMaldives, it seems that now the Maldives are going to get a lot of benefits from China, Germany, or Russia in the Indian Ocean. The relations between Maldives and India have deteriorated in the face of IsraelHamas and it seems that now Maldives‘ relations with China seem to be deteriorating due to which Pakistan, China, and Russia have a lot of chances to benefit. And in all of them, UAE and Germany, that is, Israel, India, and Maldives have nothing to do with the crisis, so it seems to me that Germany, UAE, and Russia are towards Maldives with their investment, economic ties, and with China and Europe are connecting their interests through Maldives. Now it seems that Maldives can bring Russia, China, and Pakistan closer in terms of Defense, Economics, and trade because Maldives has not only been an issue between India and China but now it is also between the US, Russia, NATO, the Middle East, and Asia.

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