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Russia, EU, and America’s top advanced weapons becoming 2x more expensive: Israel Gaza War

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Now, due to the UkraineRussia and IsraelGaza war, the prices of European and Russian weapons are continuously increasing. On one hand, Russia is using its most advanced weapons in Ukraine, while on the other hand, Israel is also using all its powerful weapons in Gaza. On one side Gaza, on the other side Ukraine, and on the third side even Taiwan can become its victim so there is a lot of need for American Aircraft, Missiles, Bombers, Radars, Anti-Missiels, Fighter Jets, and Warheads and it seems that to fulfill this need the US has the no more power to work with European and American Weapon Companies.

EU and US facing largest Weapons and Military Equipment crisis amid Ukraine-Russia and Israel war.

Due to this, there is power in manufacturing, developing, and spare parts and America will not be able to provide any help or Military aid to Ukraine and Israel in the near future. America and Europe have given most of the old weapons in the Ukraine War and now NATO will not be able to provide more help to Ukraine for its own defense. On the other hand, due to the increasing arms depots of Iran, Russia, and China, America can no longer provide more free weapons. Because America’s weapons and defense systems have always been expensive Iranian, Russian, and Chinese weapons cost a lot less compared to America’s weapons. Israel was also America’s support which could develop many types of weapons in collaboration with them but now Israel has also got caught between Hamas and Hezbollah and it will be very difficult for America, Russia, and Europe to fulfill the demand for global weapons. God forbid this China also opens a new war front for America, Japan, and South Korea. Because if this war breaks out in the South China Sea, it could be a big threat to Asia.

Top expensive military weapons of the US, Russia, and EU.

Because of this, there is a competition to buy arms from America, Russia, and the EU all over the world like the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, and Africa. In such a situation, if a new war front opens anywhere, America will not be able to provide weapons for free for a long time and the price of weapons can also double. In which the highest price is S-400, THAAD, Patriot, NGAD, F-35, B-21 & B-52, Laser, and the most advanced weapons are used in the US, Russia, and NATO military. If a country buys big weapons from America, it will have to pay a very high price, but if a country buys its main manufacturing or spare parts from Russia, or the EU, it will have to pay a high price. But the countries that were taking weapons for free or from money will now take more time because more of US, and Europe’s weapons are going to Ukraine, Israel, and the Middle East.

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