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Russia and Iran will provide arms to Palestinian groups including Fatah and Hamas : Israel Gaza War

Russia Selling Huge Weapons to Palestinian, Hamas and Fateh Army. Will Russia and Iran Provides strategic weapons to Hamas, the West Bank, and Palestinians?, Israel Gaza War, Iran vs US in Middle East. US Vs Russia in Israel.


Currently, there is a lot of news coming from Russia and Iran about Hamas, Gaza, and the West Bank, which will create more problems for Israel in the future. Currently, some Pro-Palestinian or Pro-Israeli media and Some experts claim that Putin will provide weapons support to Palestinian groups and many news writers are saying that Russia now wants to arm all groups, militants, militias and armed forces in Gaza and Palestine. Although the US and NATO have included Hamas and anti-Israel groups in terrorist lists, now it is believed that Europe and America are also supporting FreePalestine, Two State Solutions, or Ceasefire. which is for Netanyahu It is facing a bigger blow than Europe and the US. At present, Hamas’s return to Gaza, Iran’s sending of air defense systems to Syria and Iraq, and Houthi’s repeated attacks are now the biggest blow to the Western countries and Israel. Russian, Israeli, and Middle Eastern experts believe that Putin can now deal or negotiate with all the groups in Palestine, this can be estimated from the friendship between Russia and Iran. At this time, Russia’s invitation to Hamas, Fateh, and all Palestinian militias and groups is being said to be a part of big geopolitics.

Will Russia and Iran Provides strategic weapons to Hamas, the West Bank, and Palestinians?

Well, now it is a very big challenge for Israel to fight on the front, and for now, there is a challenge for Israel unless America and Britain leave Israel. Because now the US electorate is also getting closer and it is believed that the US President can now withdraw his army from Iraq and Syria so that it can affect Israel. Recently, there have been about 20 small and big Palestinian groups in Palestine that can bring Israel to its knees. such as Fatah, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC) and Hamas. Well, these groups keep fighting among themselves but now because of the recent war in Israel and Gaza, countries like Russia and Iran can make a new defense deal for all these groups. And Russia can now wage a proxy war for Israel like Iran so that the aim will be to keep its friendship in the Middle East successful and to keep Israel and the US out of the politics of the Middle East. Similarly, the United States, UNRWA, European Commission, and Iran are continuously contributing to the funding of Palestinian fighters, so it does not seem that there will be any financial crisis for Palestine.

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