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Rupee falling, breaking ties with India-EU, Khalistan issue, Affect on global election amid India-Canada tension

Khalistan issue will affect the global election system of India, Russia-Ukraine war, Canada, and the US? Why UK, US, EU, and Canada is breaking ties with India?, Canada-India relation, Biggest steps against each other country, Indian rupees falling, India’s G20 friendship is in danger, India-Canada tension, Affect on global election, Khalistan issue of India-EU countries, Canadian Sikh controversy.


The CanadaIndia relationship is taking the most tension around the world because of a concern of a Sikh or Khalistani Justice leader being shot by India, as Canada’s PM Trudeau confirms. Canada making more trouble for India in Western, North American, and Middle Eastern countries due to the biggest issues between India and Canada amid the election of 2024. It seems Australia and Europe seem to be supporting Canada in this current row of concern about the Canadian Sikh controversy. Sikh populations across the world have risen with the best political support in the UK, Canada, the US, and France. Many British Sikhs and American Sikhs support the recent row of Canada Controversy.

Why UK, US, EU, and Canada is breaking ties with India?

In the global situation, the INDIA or Indian Currency continued to fall last 1 year because of the Indian Rupee’s dominance in the global. CanadaIndia relations may break the global ties of India with top-friendly countries like the UK, the US, and the EU countries. They are looking at India’s response from the RussiaIndia perspective. The UK is the next top country for the Sikh and Khalistani population and there are happening many times Khalistani rallies and flag marches. If the situation takes the biggest places across Europe, Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson’s conservative party may become new victims of India-Europe relations.

Khalistan issue will affect the global election system of India, Canada, and the US?

By the way, Khalistan issues of CanadaIndia may affect the global upcoming election of India, the UK, the US, Canada, and Europe. Khalistani matter is taking the biggest steps against each other country in aboard and domestics matter of the European Union. The steps of each government will affect the economy, currency, relationship, G20, G7, and elections of 2024 if this continues. These top countries like India, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Italy have the top percentage of Sikh population in Politics and each other want to save their seats to support alliance Khalistan against India. There is many kind of Issues and this is the first time happened where Canada & India have taken strict steps against each other countries.

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