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Romania, America & EU are exercising a military parade in Poland : Ukraine-Russia Belarus tension

Defense cooperation with United States, Poland Vs Russia war, NATO vs Russia,
USA, UK, Germany, Romania, Poland ready excerise army in Warsaw, axis & Allies power in WW2, Ukraine-Russian war, Polish–Soviet War, war zone capital, military parade in Europe.


Poland is Europe’s top historical country in Military parades with each country in all the world wars and the recent conflict in between UkraineRussian troops in the EU countries. The EU people thoughts Romania, Poland, and Denmark from the German Hitler, and recently they are still feeling the same as early had in the war between the axis & Allies power of World War 2 under the dictatorship of Hitler. Poland & Romania were both countries where the Axis powers & Allies powers used this country in their war zone with each countries.

Poland & Romania suffered enormously because of the Russians in WW2 and might be suffer in WW3.

They Feel Poland is like a Sister-Nationa of Romania, the USA & EU countries, Poland & Romania suffered enormously because of Russian & German in WW2, and now its are feeling the same like Russia in the Ukraine-Russian war where NATO might be a new victim of WW3 and Romania & Poland are making defense ties with the United States to practice the Army Parade.

Poland become a world war zone in the future of NATO & Russian wars on Ukraine-Russian tensions.

Recently, Romanian and American troops are present at the military parade in Warsaw (Poland), Warsaw is the most beautiful capital for the war of the early and near future because its geography is most antique against their enemy to use with military cooperation. Poland’s army is also a powerful army in the world that fought back against Russians & germans in the Second world war of the world in Polish–Soviet War. Maybe In WW3, Poland may become next war zone of two powerful countries and two top empires on the earth like the United States & Russia.

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