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Red Sea Conflict Affects India, China, and US Trade Route, Economy, and Rise Inflations : Yemen War

Inflation in Asia, Why US-Yemen war will affect Europe, Africa, and Asian Economies, rise the Recession and Banking interests, Why Red Sea, Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Sea is affect US, China and India trade.


Currently, I am told that the external affairs of India, China, and European countries are now very excited to meet Iran because European, Chinese, and Indian leaders seem that Iran is the only country that is responsible for peace in the Middle East and Global trade route can be protected from the US and Houthi. Because earlier Europe, Russia, and Central Asian countries were affected due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, now due to the Israel-Hamas war, the US, India, and China’s economic losses and inflation are likely to increase by 25%. Because the US’s stance is still in favor of Israel, it means that the US itself wants it to be hit by inflation like Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Because of US’s entry into Yemen, Asia, Africa, and Europe, trade may be affected by almost 50%. And anyway, after the closure of the Red Sea and Suez Canal for China and India. China and India’s interest in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Sea seems to be increasing. Also for India, China and Russia, Iran’s friendship is more valued than with the US and the European Union. But it will be very difficult for India and China to trade with the US and at the same time, US exports will also be hit hard because the US’s entry through the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Sea will be restricted. as has happened in the Red Sea.

Why US-Yemen war will affect Europe, Africa, and Asian Economies, raising the Recession and Banking interests?

Well, India, China, and Russia have very good relations with Iran so India and China stand together on the Israel-Iran matter but it seems that the US is standing alone In Iran, Israel, Gaza, and Yemen War. It is also believed that even if the US and European countries try to stop the war on Israel, it does not seem that there will be peace between Israel and Gaza because now Iran will not be able to talk peacefully with Israel. because Iran’s value is also seen increasing in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Now it seems that in the future, the war between Iran and Israel can also happen in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon because till now, whatever Operation Iron Sword has been done by Israel, Iran has benefited the most from it. if the war between Iran and the US comes together in Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon then the entire world economy may spread with losses and inflation as well as recession.

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