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Ramadan shopping is $50 Trillion USD across the world during the holy month : Ramadan 2024

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Currently, Ramadan 2024 has come in other parts of the world in which billions of USD are going to be traded in other Islamic or non-Islamic countries of the world during donations, shopping, and holidays. Islam is the second largest religion in the world and with Ramadan in 2024, prices of Milk, Food, Vegetables, meat, and other agricultural industries are likely to skyrocket across the rest of the world. Recently, the GDP of 57 Islamic countries of the world is close to $30 trillion, which also includes wealth funds and small donation funds. But apart from this, the sharp growth of mosques, Islamic prayer, food, and under-process food items can be seen in all the countries around the world. In which a large amount of Ramadan shopping can also take place in non-Muslim countries like India, Russia, South America, Europe, China, America, and Australia. Currently, according to the latest data, it has been said that in the entire month of Ramadan and before the arrival of Eid, trade worth around $40 Trillion USD is done and the highest trades have taken place only on Food, Meat, Clean Water, Donation, and Vegetable in which the world trades. In other words, the prices have almost doubled.

How much money was traded in the entire month of Holy Ramadan 2024?

In the month of Ramadan, the top billionaires of almost all countries spend more money on prayers, Donations, and fasting than their peers and they have also offered jobs to the people of non-Muslim countries. Other businesses of top Muslim-populated countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, the Middle East, Africa, and Islamic countries across the world have declined significantly to non-Muslim countries. Due to this many sectors of the world are not able to reduce the expenses of fasting and they keep donating their money to other poor countries of the world. if you see how much trade is done in the holy month of Ramadan in other parts of the world then you will find that according to the availability of internet data, almost all commodity prices in the whole world are expected to increase by 31.5% in Ramadan. In 2024, most companies and experts are expecting that Ramadan 2024 will rise the prices of energy, agriculture, Petroleum, Natural gas, food, milk, protein, and commodities prices will rise. Due to this every sector across the world has a total trade of above $50 trillion and also some losses. Islam is a bigger religion in the rest of the world than Christianity but right now it is the date of 2011, but in the latest data it seems that Islam has the potential to have a bigger growth in population than Islam.

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