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Qatar and Oman reject the US, ICJ for Palestine, Iran Vs Israel, Arab Ends Relations with Israel : Israel Gaza War

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Currently, Qatar and Oman have planned to reject the coalition with the US and European allies and have also submitted written statements to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and now Qatar and Oman are ending their relations with Israel. Currently, there is fighting going on between Israel, Gaza, Hamas and Hezbollah, now Qatar, Oman, and after that UAE and Saudi Arabia also The Hague (The Netherlands) now we can give our respective statements in which there can be a huge crisis for Netanyahu because US, Europe, Africa and Asia are all being affected in this war. To prevent future war between Israel, the US, and Iran, steps can be taken like ICJ (International Court of Justice), ending relations with Israel, and openly taking action against the US. That is possible, although it is a bit difficult to stand before the US but the IsraelGaza War is the only way to stop the war in the Middle East. Apart from this, Qatar and Oman can have better relations with Iran because due to the presence of the US, the Middle East faces more threats from Iran economically, politically, and Export/Import than from the US.

Why Qatar and Oman Submitted written statements to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague?

This is the first news that Qatar and Oman have appealed to the International Court for Palestine state, in which the support of all European countries can be on Palestine’s side. Because of this war that has been going on for many months, all the relations of the Middle East are deteriorating with other countries because of the US and Europe because they have still not resolved the matter of Ukraine-Russia and there is no Arab Country in the Middle East. I hope that Iran’s involvement in the war will make the situation worse. Among all the other armies present US Army in the Middle East is also in danger of being attacked by Houthi, Iran, and Hezbollah and Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Arab League countries do not want to because the US may retaliate for Iran’s attack in such a situation. It is possible that the consequences of Iran’s attack will be felt by Middle Eastern countries.

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