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Putin’s Top Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny dead, NATO failed in Russia : Russia News

Why Alexei Navalny dead, Is Russia won in Ukraine, Western lost the anti-Putin opposite leader, and NATO failed against Russia?, Russia Vs NATO, Biden and European Union Failed in Russian Politics.


Recently, Putin’s biggest opposition in Russian politics has died, who was as popular as Putin in Russia. However, within Russia, top opposition leader Alexei Navalny is considered pro-Western because of the recent Ukraine war going on inside Russia. A top Russian lawyer, opposition leader, anti-corruption activist, and political prisoner or politician, he was around 47 years old and was in jail for a few months. Everyone in NATO and Western countries believes that Alexei Navalny is a top lawyer and Putin’s biggest opposition leader but he has come out against Putin on the basis of anti-corruption. But on the other side, Putin and his party believe that Alexei Navalny is a pro-NATO and pro-Western who is a threat to Putin and Russia. They are elected almost in every country, similarly in Ukraine and in Russia, Western and Russian media have the same news that Russia’s biggest victory is going on against NATO.

Is Russia won in Ukraine, Western lost the anti-Putin opposite leader, and NATO failed against Russia?

As of now, due to the death of Alexei Navalny, a lot of other big breaking news is going on in Russia, Europe, and top US allies and Russian Allies countries. But now perhaps in the future, a lot will be developed in the big media of the world about Zelensky, Alexei Navalny, NATO, and Ukraine. Now it seems that the Western countries will not stop Putin in the Ukraine war because it seems that Putin will return again. and it does not seem that anyone will not take Putin’s place till Putin becomes the President of Russia again. this will happen sometimes would of the NATO VS Russia war. Now it is believed that as long as geopolitics in Western countries have not changed, and NATO countries will stop giving aid to Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia war, then in the future NATO and Europe’s relations with Putin will be perfect. Although Alexei Navalny’s death has not made any significant difference in Russian politics, it seems that Putin’s presidency will continue in the future.

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