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Putin may visit India and Pakistan in 2024, New BRICS countries, Turkey in Trouble : NATO Vs BRICS

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Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin has received a very big welcome in Saudi and UAE, which is a clear message to Western countries. The way any leader has been welcomed in UAE and Saudi Arabia, no leader of any country has been welcomed till now. Similarly, if the UAE and Saudi Arabia have welcomed Russia, it clearly means that it is time for the US and Europe to provocation Russia and other countries of the world. Currently, many other countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Arab League but also US NATO countries have condemned Russia for the Ukraine war but now it seems that because of the Israel and Hamas war US-Europe foreign policy has failed. After all, Turkey is going through very difficult times. Because neither Turkey can trust NATO now nor is it in the Middle East, if Turkey also joins BRICS then Turkey will have the biggest economic, defense, and business loss from NATO and Europe. The fact that Saudi and UAE have welcomed Putin in this manner is a strong message to the US and Europe that there should be a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine or end the war.

Will India and Pakistan welcome Putin as like UAE and Saudi Arabia have done?

But now due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, most of the visits were cancelled. Now perhaps it seems that due to the US and Europe’s closeness to Israel, the US may have to lose the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asian countries. Because now after this trip of Vladimir Putin, perhaps the relations of European countries with Russia can also be restored. Because the Europeans are naively believing that because of US foreign policies, they may have to lose the Middle East and Africa as well. But now if the Russian President is welcomed like this by Pakistan and India then this message can become very difficult for NATO countries because Russia’s presence in BRICS is very important. Well, Putin may get a good welcome in Pakistan because, without Putin, Pakistan’s entry into BRICS means nothing. Because recently Pakistan had applied for BRICS, it is possible that after Putin’s visit to Pakistan, Pakistan can become a member of BRICS. It is very complicated for India to send an open message to NATO countries that it is with Russia or a friend of Russia because currently, almost all the countries have relations with India like UAE and Saudi if India also welcomes the same Putin. The message of India’s friendship with Russia can also reach the US and NATO, and they also have friendship with every country. Iran, US, NATO, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and Gaza are also equal to India.

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