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Pakistan’s State Bank to approved to launch the Digital Currency in 2024, Pakistan Accept Bitcoin & Ethereum?

Pakistan State Bank approved Digital Currency to launch in 2024, Digital Centralized Currency, Pakistan OIC Members investing in Pakistan, Gold backed Pakistani Digital currency, OPEC, CPEC and other investors in Pakistan in 2024, Pakistan accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and blockchain currencies. Central Banks Digital Currency (CBDCs) of Pakistan,


Asia’s first bank in Pakistan launching their Digital Currency on the Gold & USD based forex reserve to move with new payment or currency modification ideas, Pakistan’s Official Currency rupee are failing rapidly because of country’s Political situations. but the ideas about the future’s investment in Pakistan And upcoming partnerships with other country to negotiate top businesses with European, Asian, neighborhood, American & African countries. to export or import by simply using gold backed Digital Centralized currency to adopt fo the civilians, national economy and top instant payment options.

The Pakistan’s Digital Currency will be emprove the quality of trading in Asian markets in the digital payment to make a transctions with International/International without dependencies on the USD or other top global currencies. Top Richest Islamic countries too spend Billions of USD into the Pakistani markets to grow together with business, exports, imports, Money aid to Pakistani economy to decentralized their funds into Digital Currencies.

Pakistan is OIC member and also helping those countries to support each other countries in Army Cooperations, Technology and Suppy Chain from OPEC to attract the Future’s Investors of Pakistan from Middle East countries. Pakistan is most important country to China & Middle in Geopolitics, Lands, Supply Chain, Investments gateways to China & Ally countries, because of most powerful nuclear powered country in Islamic world.

The State Bank of Pakistan is preparing to launch own pilot to make country’s first digital currency under next 3 Month or Before Yerr 2024. According The Deputy Governor of Central banks are looking to adopt own digital currency of Pakistan without printing new money from their gold capacity. Central Banks Digital Currency (CBDCs) are taking their place into many countries to launch own centralized digital currency of any country. The Pakistan Banks are making own Digital Currency under the State-Owned Banks to regulate Digital payment systems & replace or keep away the Physical Cash to monitor how much Pakistan’s Economy is good to keep forward with each other countries.

Pakistan in 2018 declared all the virtual currencies are illegal, including Bitcoin, Litecoins and Ethereum which is unnecessary and may crash the Country’s economy but Bitcoin & other virtual currencies are more stronger than pakistani economy. There might be Pakistan making own Digital currency on the Centralized blockchain by using some Blockchain securities, Designed to improve the safety of global funds under the monitoring of Centralized Banks.

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