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Pakistani people are investing money in Europe, Middle East, and Afghanistan to beat the economic crisis

Who will save Pakistan from bankruptcy or political crises?, Why Pakistani Civilians should use Afghani or other Forex?, New loan from US and China?, Pakistan bankrupt?, Politics in Pakistan, Democracy, Highest Inflation in pakistan, Afghani (AFG) is next currency of Pakistan? America, UK, UAE and Saudi investing in real Estate of Pakistan.


Most Pakistan investors, holders, and Stock Traders are looking to invest or migrate their funds into USD or Afghani Currency to save the worth of household income amid the biggest currency and economic crisis & political issues. The Pakistani economy is facing the biggest crisis of Currency, HouseHold income, Rising Debts, highest borrowing rates, IMF, World Bank, and American sanctions. recently, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Middle Eastern countries had promised with Pakistan to develop their geography, economy and exporting sources to tie up in the business between pakistan and Arabs. Pakistan has various kinds issues like Grey Lists, IMF, World banks, Foreign Sanctions, unnecessary funds, Political Crises, Imran Khan, and India’s G20 summit which stole the Arabian Investments place of Islamabad.

Who will save Pakistan from bankruptcy or political crises?

Pakistan has billions of USD worth of debt on over country and the Pakistani currency PKR has fallen badly in recent governance issues of Imran Khan. By the way, Pakistan has the lowest rate of PKR even from Afghani Currency. The Oil import of Pakistan from foreign countries has a bad relation with the economy, GDP, and global transport and Exports. Foreign Investors are looking to buy Pakistani Stocks of Real Estates, Gold, Lands and Oil Stocks to make a bright future in the cheap stocks of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia, UAE and the Middle East may invest in Pakistani Shares, Stocks and Real Estate to improve the Arab-Pakistan relationships but the current political situation is more fear in the investors of European and Arabians.

Why Pakistani Civilians should use Afghani or other Forex?

Pakistani people may use Afghan currency and other foreign currency to save domestic income sources and earning sources for Pakistani People. Pakistan’s Domestic situation is causing more trouble in politics and currencies or highest imports of Oils without discounts. By the way, many countries are using other Forex to stabilize their own currency of rid of inflation. Pakistani currency may got destroyed if their are no backup plans of the government because Pakistan has most of the debt from the US and China. So, there would be an option for Pakistan to use any other forex or get a new loan from friendly countries before bankrupt.

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