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Pakistani and Chinese Companies are donating huge Electoral Bond to Indian Election 2024

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However, the Indian National Congress and the Opposition parties had been putting pressure on the BJP, Electoral Bond, or the Election Commissioner of the Central Government for a long time to show the data. saying that the Union Government should disclose the correct data regarding the Electoral Bond. Almost 60% amount has been shown to be with BJP and NDA parties alone. In the current situation, the BJP or Modi Government seems to have a big chance due to the presence of many people and social media, which besides being quite complicated, has been shown to have a hand in the incident of Indian National Securities. The same goes for Pakistan, China, America, and many neighboring countries that donate in the Indian election or Electoral Bond but currently, due to the spread of data, it has caused a lot of trouble for the BJP and the ruling party. All of them remain against each other due to political, and Border conflicts and the economy between Pakistan, India, and China. But when it comes to political, investment, and party donations, it is believed that even now Chinese, Pakistani, and Indian top companies or Startups donate to BJP, Congress, and other political parties. But now it is believed that on the basis of Electoral Bond and Donors lists, the Indian National Congress is now showing a lot of hope which can create problems for the Modi government in the future.

Do Indian Political parties depend on foreign donors or Billionaire’s donations?

Now, in the last 5 years, Indian national parties have received as much foreign funds as the official donors in Indian politics, but the BJP party has received the maximum money, which is spent on India. The opposition party has got a big opportunity to corner the Modi government in the name of the Electoral Bond Scam. So in the current list, BJP has got 47% donation and many parties like IndiaAlliance and Indian Congress still demand to show the complete data of the Electoral Bond. so that they can find out the total debt, assets, and donations of a political party. Due to this now a huge political instability is spreading for BJP candidates and the BJP party from one side. Although officially no party will put much pressure on anyone, some political questions may also arise on the donations received. But now within the Pulwama Attack, BJP is being accused of Pakistan’s top Hub Power Company which is doing work on CPEC. Till 2019, it has been continuously funding the BJP government, but some people have also admitted that those funds have gone to Congress and are saying something BJP got it. But now due to donations received from Pakistan and China, there is an uproar in Indian politics which is creating pressure on each other. However, in this list, the ‘Future Gaming‘ company has become the biggest donor company for India’s BJP candidate, which has officially given its support and donation to BJP. Of all the companies that have donated to the BJP or Congress, the maximum transaction value has been to the BJP which is approximately 6000 Crores (72,36,06,000 USD), and to Congress it is approximately 1400 Crores (16,88,41,400 USD). In Indian politics, BJP and Congress are accusing each other of having foreign connections with Pakistan and China.

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