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Pakistan May Ban Chinese Defense Import amid War, Imran Khan, US Interest, Middle East and Yemen : China News

Pakistan Vs US in Yemen War, India Vs Pakistan War in Jammu and Kashmir, China Vs Pakistan, US Imran Khan relations, Middle East war, Chinese Defense Import to Pakistan. Why did Pakistan ban Chinese Defense Imports of Fighter Jets, Defense Systems, and Arms?.


Currently, there is a possibility of war between Iran and Pakistan and it seems that there is a possibility of war in the future because elections are about to come in Pakistan, hence Pakistani politics and the Pakistan Army do not want to take any risk. Because recently, for the last 3 years, Pakistan has been considered a very risky country in terms of political, economic, defense, and investment. Imran Khan is said to be a big challenge for the Pakistani Army and Politics. However, in the last 3 years, numerous airstrikes by Indian fighter jets, misfires of Brahmos missiles, anger in Pakistan, and attacks by Iranian missiles in Balochistan have raised many questions on ChinaPakistan relations. Now Pakistan Army also feels that there are 75% chance of Imran Khan becoming PM in the coming elections and in this way, Imran Khan can make major changes in Pakistan for the Army, Politics, and Foreign Policy.

Why did China-Pakistan and US relations fall due to the emergence of Imran Khan leadership?

At the same time, the people of Pakistan believe that if Imran Khan becomes the PM of Pakistan. in the future, then first of all, Pakistan’s relationship between China and the US will be hollowed out because till now the Pakistani Army was supported by the US and Europe. Pakistani people also question that whatever weapons the Pakistani Army purchased from China, all of them failed in the accident and now they believe that Pakistan’s relations have ties with India, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Because after the arrival of Imran Khan inside Pakistan, can be the biggest shock for it and the Pakistan Army. And maybe Pakistan and China come together but in the future, Pakistan can increase relations with European countries through weapons deals. If Imran Khan wants that in the future we will not get into trouble with any foreign matters like the Red Sea, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Ukraine and North Korea & South Korea. However, the US could also join hands with Pakistan’s PM because, after the arrival of Imran Khan, it will be quite complicated for the US to maintain a friendship with Pakistan because on one side is the army and on the other side is Imran Khan.

Why did Pakistan ban Chinese Defense Imports of Fighter Jets, Defense Systems, and Arms?

Therefore, after the arrival of Imran Khan, Russia and Pakistan can become the other best countries of BRICS because Pakistan has always been an ally of the US in the wars in Afghanistan, China, the Middle East, and Ukraine. Now after the arrival of Imran Khan, Russia, and China, We can become friends of Pakistan. Pakistan never wants to get trapped in the world of any country but on the other hand, it will find itself having friends with someone like Saudi, Iran, Russia, NATO, China, and India. It is possible that after the arrival of Imran Khan, the issue of Jammu and Kashmir may also be resolved but if India claims POK then Pakistan may side with China, Russia, or US. There has been a lot of discussion on POK in Indian Politics but if Imran Khan joins the Pakistan Army or Imran Khan can face each other on POK or IOK in the 2024 elections of India. For now, the biggest issues facing India, Pakistan, and China are LOC and LAC, which can take the form of a war in the future. If there is a war between Pakistan and India, then Imran Khan may have to hand over this conflict to the Pakistani Army. They can also see Pakistan having relations with the US, Russia, China, and Iran because in the future there may be other wars in the Middle East like Yemen, Iraq, and Syria.

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