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Nvidia and AI Stock growth to surpass Apple, Microsoft, and Saudi Aramco in 2024 : NVIDIA Stocks

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Recently, new lists of the top 10 largest stocks in the world have come which include Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Alphabet, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Tesla, Eli Lilly, NVIDIA, and META. The one in which we have seen huge growth is NVIDIA which has recently made a lot of achievements in making the top 10 and top 5 largest stocks. Because if we believe that no company will give you a lot of return in the future. it is NVIDIA which will give you a lot of returns and its upcoming technology, AI market growth, New AI chips, electric cars, cloud gaming, and the metaverse. Recently NVIDIA saw quite a few big companies stock, electric cars, cloud gaming, metaverse, tensor core GPUs, AI models, advanced AI tasks, AI markets, and new technologies including blockchain, and machine learning.

Why NVIDIA is growing faster in the global largest stock worth?

Recently, NVIDIA has grown so much in the last 2 years that it has left behind companies like Meta, Amazon, Tesla, and Berkshire Hathaway. Right now there is a lot of big deal with NVIDIA to take AI and AI Chips, Machine learning, automated electric cars, cloud gaming, and the metaverse. So in such a situation, it is believed that NVIDIA is considered very good for computers, machine learning, future-based technology, and science. Anyway, Nvidia’s biggest technology and marketing is chips, graphics, and AI-based chips. Now let us wonder why NVIDIA stock is rising so much. – And will NVIDIA now leave behind Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Apple and Google? – So its meaning is yes. Nvidia is going to get investments on a large scale from China, Japan, UAE, Singapore, Germany, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. If AI, Metaverse, and Blockchain are being strengthened together in today’s time, it is NVIDIA because other companies cannot work these assets together. To this day, the largest global investment, largest stocks, and business experts believe that due to NVIDIA AI, deals worth billions of USD can be done in the US with Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Saudi Aramco, and ExxonMobil.

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