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North Korean army is preparing for a surprise attack on South Korea or US Interests in Asia

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Currently, the countries of the world are in a dilemma due to the surprise attack on Israel because somewhere they also feel that their neighboring country is like their enemy country and they did may not do a surprise attack like Hamas. So this is a new world war-like behavior for everyone. Recently, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un also said that there should be a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine and also told them that all this is happening because of America.

Are US Enemies doing a surprise attack on the US and their Allied countries?

However, this news is also going viral on social media South Korea and the US are afraid that North Korea will not do a surprise attack on South Korea because of the war. America’s top enemy countries like Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and North Korea can make every effort to drive away America’s interest from their respective areas. However, North Korea is currently getting full support from Iran, Russia, China, and Venezuela, so in the coming days, North Korea can do a surprise attack on America and South Korea and start a war. By the way, Taiwan is probably becoming the next target of China, so in such an environment, North Korea and Russia can also provide indirect support to China.

It was also confirmed to Israel that the biggest disaster was going to happen to Israel, but Israel had completely rejected this thing, due to which South Korea and Taiwan are also feeling the same that China or North Korea is going to surprise them. Don’t attack. So this clearly shows that North Korea might also do the same to South Korea.

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