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North Korea to sell Nuclear Submarines to Russia to deploy in the Black Sea or Baltic Sea, strategic weapons, laser weapons, and satellite weapon in North Korea

Why is Russia selling most secrets to North Korea instead of China, Belarus, and India?Why North Korea and Russia become a dangerous country for the world?, Russia, North Korea Proxy War in Asia and Europe, kim jong un in Russia, kim jong un in Africa, kim jong un in Ukraine war.


The world’s top powerful leader North Korea is looking to make ties with Russia against USA, South Korea, Ukraine, and NATO to develop their own nuclear missiles, submarines, strong army, weapons, and Nuclear design. to make historical ties with the future of defense in Russia & North Korea. North Korea is world’s top strong country in ballistic missiles and developments of Nuclear programs which is inspired by Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan. North Korea may use the Russian Proxy wars in the future of war with South Korea, America, and the EU. North Korea & Russia are using Proxy Armies to provide defense against each other and beat each enemy.

Why North Korea and Russia become a dangerous country for the world?

By the way, Russia, North Korea, and China are moving forward to fight for the next world or make fear in the world’s top democratic countries about power vs land. China has recently captured Hong Kong and Russia is trying to takeover Ukraine to fight until the wins. North Korea has the most powerful nuclear, submarine, and Air force technology to sell to dear friends Russia and China. Perhaps, Russia may sell all the Fighter Jets, Submarines, and Space force-related technology to North Korea. Russia is the most powerful country in the Airforce, Landforce, and Marines and North Korea may take a new opprotunity in the world from Russia to develop more strategic weapons, laser weapons, and space satellite programs.

Why is Russia selling most secrets to North Korea instead of China, Belarus, and India?

Russia in history may share top secrets with North Korea instead of China, Belarus, and India. Russia has communist & capitalist governments like China, North Korea, and Cuba to make secret as safety in the long relationship between Russia and North Korea, and after the North Korea’s Kim Jong Un passed away that secret may be family seat of North Korea. also North Korea is the most aggressive country for America, Japan, South Korea, EU and Kim Jong-un hates the Democratic countries. North Korea is holds the most secret places in the country where they develop Nuclear programs which easily can’t be trackable for the US and Pentagon. North Korea also banned all enemy country’s entry in their country because of global weapons and nuclear tensions.

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