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North Korea to Fire Missiles on Guam and South Korea Before US Election 2024 : US-North Korea War

Kim Jong Un will fire missieles on Guam, South Korea and Sea of Japan, Taiwan, China and North Korea War amid US Election 2024, Will China Attack US-Taiwan Amid North Korea and US-South Korea War?.


Recently big news has come out that North Korea is now continuously testing ballistic missiles. It seems that in the future North Korea can continuously fire missiles on the East Sea because recently North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles. Because of the way North Korea is currently ruling, it only seems clear that in the future, if the US does not handle ChinaTaiwan, HamasIsrael, ArmeniaAzerbaijan, and RussiaUkraine. then North Korea will also fire on South Korea and Guam like to Hamas Such thousands of missiles are possible each day. Because to stop the US from intervening in South Korea, North Korea will first target Guam as North Korea has said even during Trump’s presidency.

But according to this, there are still other war-like situations in many countries like Kashmir, India-Pakistan, Taiwan-China, North Korea, and Venezuela-Guyana if Biden still fails in the deal between North and South Korea like before. In the Future, North Korea’s Kim Joung Un can create a market-falling-like situation inside South Korea by attacking South Korea’s West and East coasts. Also, if North Korea attacks South Korea, it will first destroy international ports, coasts, and economic places, which will enable politics to start on a large scale between the people and leaders of South Korea and its direct pressure on the US and Western countries. Anyway, it is continuously losing in geopolitics with Israel, the Middle East, Gaza, Ukraine, Armenia, and Russia.

Will China Attack US-Taiwan Amid North Korea and US-South Korea War?

However, if North Korea will not tolerate a USSouth Korean alliance, North Korea can use China and Russia in a proxy war in which the US can face continuous defeat in Ukraine, Israel, and South Korea. This war front between South Korea and North Korea can create a huge risk for Asia’s economy, GDP, real estate, and technology. However, if a war starts between the US, South Korea, and North Korea, it will be easy for China to counter its enemy countries because China will not intervene directly but will start a proxy war like Iran and Russia. In this way, the US, Japan, and South Korea will try to lure the US into Taiwan as well so that US eyes remain on North Korea but can make a big coup on the other side of Taiwan.

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