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North Korea May Ground Invasion in South Korea’s Island and Seoul, North Korea Nuclear Attack : Korea War

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Recently there has been a missile strike by North Korea on Yeonpyeong Island, a base between South Korea and North Korea, which is a very big warning for the US and the South Korean government. At the same time, further strikes can be made from Kim Jong Un’s side against Seoul and some Korean Islands because North Korea admits that the US and South Korea can declare war on the island’s settlements, and in this way, North Korea can also attack South Korea. North Korea can be the biggest threat to South Korea’s capital Seoul if it can respond like Korea. Recently, North Korea’s army was told by Kim Jong Un to be prepared and with this, North Korea also conducted a missile test. It seems that North Korea before the US and South Korean elections. The top islands of South Korea Can start missile fires.

Will South Korea Retailiate to North Korea over Yeonpyeong Island?

Till now, South Korea has not made any specific statement regarding the islands because it may be quite difficult for South Korea to suddenly declare another Emergency or State of War in the face of North Korea’s provocation. But yes, if North Korea accidentally targets US military bases, then perhaps the US will not ask for permission for the retaliation of South Korea. All of them have also given a stern warning to North Koreans from South Korea’s military that if North Korea again tried to attack South Korea’s islands or Seoul then South Korea could declare a State of war. However, after this provocation by North Korea, there may be some other movement of the South Korean army or government but no further action will be taken because if South Korea decides to go to war then it will be very difficult to stop the war and said. North Korea, Nuclear weapons can also be used here. South Korean government may evacuate and Suspend all travel and ports into Yeonpyeong Island amid North Korea’s actions.

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