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Nigeria may block the Gulf Of Guinea for Israel and European Trade Routes: Israel Vs Nigeria

Why Nigeria, South Africa, and BRICS will block Israel in trade and business routes? , Israel vs Yemen in Nigeria, African Union Block Israeli Linked Businesses in Union, South Africa Vs ICC and Netanyahu. Gulf Of Guinea, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.


Recently, there may be a rift between Nigeria and Israel due to the Genocide International Criminal Court of South Africa. Due to this, it is being said that in the future, the way Israel and Nigeria are going, there can be big problems in terms of trade, economic, financial, and business ties. It is believed that today or tomorrow Nigeria can take major action against Israel in order to remain a member and partner of South Africa and the African Union. For now, Nigeria has good and perfect relations with Israel but if there is a war between Egypt and Israel over Rafah then the African Union can take any major action against Israel. Due to the Houthis, almost all Israeli and European ships have changed their routes due to the Red Sea and Yemen, with most of their trades going to the ‘Gulf of Guinea’ and East African seas or ports. But for now, Nigeria has become Israel’s biggest economic and defense partner whose leaders and many African countries are allowing trade between Israel, America, and Europe.

Why Nigeria, South Africa, and BRICS will block Israel in trade and business routes?

Actually, there are very big partnership between the African Union and Nigeria for trade and Israel. But now the way South Africa is charging Netanyahu with the case against Israel in ICC (International Criminal Court) and ICJ (International Court of Justice), it will create a new problem in the future that will affect Europe, America, and the Middle East. All these countries have strong relations with Israel. But in the future, relations will deteriorate not only with Israel and Nigeria but also with the African Union, because of which the African Union can boycott Israel completely. Currently, Nigeria and Israel have very deep relations in many sectors, but if the African Union focused on the Egypt-Israel War and South Africa’s case, Nigeria could end all its relations with Israel. Currently, Houthi is also targeting Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea, and Gulf of Aden, and in the future Houthi can also put pressure on Yemen and Nigeria. However, it is becoming very difficult or expensive for Europe, America, Israel, East Asia, and the Middle East to trade through Nigeria and South Africa.

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