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New York City flooded heavily affecting many regions, travel, Food, foreigner, living, and Business: Global Stock Market

Emergency in New York? Global Stock market may falls rapidly, Many areas were affected and lost Billions of USD during the Flood in New York, Floods, Storms, and Heavy Rain in New York, Bronx, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Newark and Manhattan, many Shop, Gym Centres, Subways, Clothes stores, parties face biggest loss. Travel and Flight stopped in New York.


The World’s top city the United States has flooded with heavy rains, cities, streets, and villages of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Newark, and other cities in over southern part of the USA. Heavy floods in New York will affect all the top cities in regions of the Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island where the storms and rain are happening every day and many people will be moved to safe zones like Western New York and North-West areas to save lives because that New York affect the economic, living and stock matters with world’s top stocks & global share market. New York’s mayor released a new Travel Advisory to all their citizens and other travel and tourism.

Heavy Flood in New York, Brooklyn, and Bronx regions of the US.

Emergency in New York? – Many areas were affected and lost Billions of USD during the Flood in New York.

All the subway, Bullet trains, Public Transport, food, business and shops are affect of this huge flood in New York as a first time. New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and other states of the US may face the same flood or heavy rain in their areas. Most Underground places like Shop, Gym Centres, Subways, Clothes stores, parties, and Music places are affected and the flood is gone out of control. Many Airports, Buses, Taxi, and Food services were terminated forcefully during the flood into the largest areas of New York. Amid the Floods, Storms, and Heavy Rain, Many construction sites have lost billions of USD in the flood and also affected the middle and richest families of New York. Thousands of Travelers are have lost their ways to tour or walk into New York City because this flood targeted various cities in the US and dozens of flights delayed/suspended their flights to each other countries and other states of the US.

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