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Netanyahu May Lose War in Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights : Israel Hamas War

Why Iran will retaliate to Israel with heavy bombs, Aircrafts and IRG soldiers entering in Golan Heights?, Hezbollah and Hamas next strategy against Israel, War in Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights, Why did Iran never retaliate against Israel after the Israeli airstrike killed 2 IRGC soldiers?. Russia, Iran and Syria will retaliate Israel in Golan Heights.


Right now there has been a huge attack by Hamas on Tel Aviv. Apart from this, Israeli IDF has carried out several other attacks in Syria where two Iranian IRGs were reported killed and hence it seems that now it is becoming very difficult for Israel to defeat Hezbollah, Houthi, and Hamas. At present, apart from Gaza and the West Bank inside Israel, there is a growing threat from Hezbollah on the border of Lebanon, in which Hezbollah can probably launch a major attack on Israel in view of the two soldiers killed by Iran.

Why Iran will retaliate against Israel with heavy bombs, aircraft, Proxy Militia, and IRG soldiers entering in Golan Heights?

Now it seems that after the killing of 2 IRGs of Iran, Iran can take even bigger revenge on Israel and hence the people of Israel are currently protesting that by stopping the war there will be peace from both sides. Because the consequences of this mistake of Israel may be suffered by the people now from Iran’s Retaliation. And have Iranian Revolutionary Guards entered the Golan Heights? – The answer to this is that Israel’s attack on the IRG will target the Golan Heights to Iranian-backed militias. For now, control or settlement of all Golan Heights belongs to Israel and Syria. Attacking Golan Heights by Iranian proxy means supporting Syria to take back Golan Heights.

Why did Iran never retaliate against Israel after the Israeli airstrike killed 2 IRGC soldiers?

This question is very important for the politics of Iran, Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. Currently, 2 soldiers of Iran were killed and Iran wanted to intervene on the 7th Oct first but what has happened to Iran now? – And is Iran’s plan on Israel the same as Hamas’s on 7th October? – The answer to this is still in confusion. The answer to all this will probably be given to Hezbollah and Hamas because now Iran will not go to Gaza to direct attacks on Israel but will keep Golan Heights as its target which will continue to get the support of Syria, Lebanon, and the West Bank. Believe it or not, Israel’s continued actions will once again turn the Golan Heights into Gaza because Israel will target Syria’s Bashar al-Assad while Russia and Iran will make strong Hamas and Hezbollah to continuously respond to Israel during the ground offensive.

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