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NATO Vs Russia War Due to the recent Moscow incident? Russia’s Operation in the Middle East : Russia Vs ISIS

Why are Israel, Ukraine, CIA, Israel, NATO, and Mossad in the eyes of Russia?, Russia’s Operation against ISIS in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq. Russia intervened in Israel Gaza war. Will Russia Send Nuclear Missiles to Hamas?


Recently, a survey has been done on social media by different types of people in which it is being told that the recent terrorist attack in Moscow has shocked the people of the entire world including Russia. Currently, after the terrorist attack of ISIS, ISIS has also taken responsibility for this attack due to which the Russian Victim’s family, Putin, and Russian Forces have launched operations against ISIS in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, and many other countries in Africa. If we look at the Russian perspective, Russian politicians and forces believe that this attack was carried out by Ukraine and NATO countries. but due to the ongoing war in the Middle East, Israel, which is close to Iran and Russia, is also considered a suspect in this incident. However, some Social Media evidence and suspects (according to Russian) have revealed that Israel, Mossad, CIA, and ISIS have carried out this attack together. But on the other hand, the bad news is also coming that ISIS fighters are fighting against Russia in Ukraine. But now the Russian Intelligence Agency, Putin, and Russian Special Forces are ready to find out why ISIS terrorists attacked Moscow, and whosoever has given the green light to them, Russia can take action against them in the future.

Why are Israel, Ukraine, CIA, Israel, NATO, and Mossad in the eyes of Russia?

Russia has nothing special to do with Russia, Israel, NATO, Europe, the US, and Ukraine because there is a war going on in Ukraine and here Ukraine is being used as a proxy by NATO, the US, and Israel. For now, apart from ISIS, Ukraine, Israel, Russia, and NATO are the biggest suspects in Russia’s eyes. But with the arrest of an ISIS commander in Africa, an Israeli official’s direct warning to Russia, arrival of another ISIS fighter in Ukraine, this very big connection of the ISIS attack is being shown from one side. Except for Iran, none of the pro-Russian opposition countries have condemned the terrorist attack in Russia, such as the USA, UK, NATO, Israel, and Ukraine. So in such a situation, the activation of Russian Special Forces can now lead to a huge search operation in Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Israel, and Africa. But now people from many countries have also said that if ISIS has connections with US and Israel then Russia should also strengthen Hamas by collaborating with Iran and Lebanon. For now, along with Israel, Russia, and Ukraine, almost all NATO countries are also involved in the war, and in such a situation, terrorist attacks by any other country are quite confusing. So now this time Russia can carry out a big operation against ISIS, in its own way like in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine. For now, Israel, Ukraine, and NATO are getting most of the benefits of whatever attack has happened in Moscow. Now some sources are also saying that Russia will now send nuclear missiles to Hamas.

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