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NATO selling arms to Taiwan, China suspending ties with European Union in 2025 : China Taiwan War

Why China Suspends Ties with NATO and Attack Western Interest in the South China Sea?, US China war in South China Sea, NATO selling arms to Taiwan, China Attack US Interest in Taiwan.


Currently, China has warned the United States not to sell its advanced weapons to Taiwan otherwise China can pose a threat to the Troops, Weapons, and interests of the United States. But now recently it is being said that if a war starts between China and Taiwan by 2025, then this war can replace Russia and NATO. But now the way the United States is sending its advanced weapons to Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine, proves that China, Russia, and North Korea can take the biggest action against the US. Due to this, now US may also have to face big problems in the South China Sea, Middle East, and East Asia. The recent coming together of Russia North Korea and, China will force the US to jump into the Taiwan War. But the war between Taiwan and China will not be like that between Israel and Ukraine, and the United States and NATO can also send troops directly, due to which the Western World can destroy Chinese Development and Future. Because under the guise of supporting Taiwan, the US, and NATO will always want to take China back 50 years by any means. But China may also have advanced Russian weapons in the future which can destroy the top American weapons in the future. But it is possible that in the future, China may blacklist the entire Europe and NATO countries as well, due to which China may remove its business from Europe, the US, and Asia.

Why China Suspends Ties with NATO and Attack Western Interest in the South China Sea?

Recently it has been said that if the US and NATO continue to help Taiwan by 2025, then China can attack Western interests. Because China knows that the US and NATO want to strengthen Taiwan the most so that Chinese interests can be eliminated from the South China Sea. But China and the US do not know that Russia and North Korea can also take part in the South China Sea war due to which US and Chinese interests will suffer the biggest financial, economic, and defense loss. But in the future, if the US and China fight in the South China Sea, then Russia may get a chance to occupy Ukraine. But The US knows very well that China is the most financially, defense, and economically strongest country in the world. Because to fight China US will have to take support from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea and China does not need anyone’s support. Because the US knows that just as Taiwan is pro-American, Venezuela and many countries of South America are against the United States. So US is also afraid that China and Russia might attack it through South American countries. But the US knows is also important to do arms business, hence US is now sending the most advanced weapons to Taiwan so that China can be countered in the future.

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