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Muslims controlled large parts of the Swiss Alps in the 10th Century, Arab Empire: Muslim In Switzerland

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The world’s second-largest religion Islam, became Switzerland’s first country that suffered the first occopations in the 10th Century to 15th Century during Arab empires. Switzerland was Europe’s first strategic country for kingdoms, empires, and invasions. In the old century, Muslims controlled the largest part of the Swiss Alps including St. Gallen, The Great St. Bernard Pass, the French and Swiss Alps, Raetia in the east, Villages, and many Alps areas of Switzerland. In 1993, a science project proved that residents of the village of Iséarable were actually descendants of the original Arabs and settlers from 1000+ years ago, also Switzerland’s top hills, the Alps, and Villages have a name in Arabic languages. Top Muslim empires in Europe including the Ottoman State, Caliphate Empire, Gunpowder Empire, Al Andalus Kingdom, and many Arab emperors were selected in Europe to attack opposite Empires and win the areas or countries. In during the war between the Roman and Muslim Empires, most of Europeans converted to Islam.

Most of the empires selected the hills, villages, and Swiss Alps, mountains, and forest areas to make strategies against their enemies and win to make new kingdoms. many proofs are shared by social media influencers who looking for the history, story, and old ceremony of the king’s century. In Europe, Most of the parts were in control of the Roman Empires, but many things Roman empires also lost during the war with new empires and crucial emperors of Arabs. Even today it is difficult to find out because at that time there was no proper map like there is today but it shows that Arabs Ruled France, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, and many other countries. Some Scientists are still researching, discovering, and reading history to find out who actually controlled Europe more than the Roman Empire. So right now they have only one way, which is to find out who controlled this area through religion and weapons. Now scientists are trying to find out things related to place names, inhabitants, culture, and the hidden history behind them so that they can find out which king in Europe or any other country has more power.

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