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Mozambique Sells Coal, LNG Gas to India Amid Qatar and Middle East Tension : India Qatar News

Why are India and China imports from Mozambique amid Middle East crises?, Qatar Vs Israel and India. China investing in Africa’s economic, defense, and export/import. India Qatar News, Mozambique India relations, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean Vs Houthi and Red Sea.


Currently, due to the tensions in Qatar, Israel, and the Middle East, it is becoming difficult for Indian Ships and Indian export/import in the Red Sea, it seems that India and Mozambique may take the lead in economic trade in the future. Now it seems that a lot of assets are going to be imported by Mozambique from the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean like Coal Briquettes, LNG Gas, Gold, and Electricity which will not impact India due to the ongoing war between Israel, Hamas, and Arab-Israel. Now it seems that Mozambique can become India’s biggest partner, replacing Qatar, Iran, and Russia because the amount of imports India needs is more than Qatar and Russia can be done from Mozambique. Also, investment, trade, and economic relations between Africa and China are increasing which can be very good for China and India because now the relationship between Africa and Europe is not like before, so in this way Africa is not like the US or Europe. Apart from this, Africa getting alternative business partners like China and India. In 2024, India may import up to $5 Billion of Coal and petroleum gas from Mozambique instead of Qatar, Iran, and Russia.

Why are India and China keeping an eye on Mozambique amid Middle East crises?

Recently I came to know that Mozambique exports most things like Petroleum Gas and coal Briquettes to the European Union, African Union, and Indo-Pacific countries. Now it seems that India wants to make Mozambique the biggest partner instead of Qatar, Iran, and Russia, however, it is difficult here because nearby there are countries like Somalia, and Yemen which can pose a threat to Indian Ships and Imports but Mozambique has no plan. There are also countries like Madagascar that can play a part in the trade between India and Mozambique. Similarly, relations between India and Qatar are quite good not only in terms of petroleum gas but also in terms of economic, defense, and export/import. But Mozambique also wants to become a very close country to India so that in the future it can further expand its trades with Asia and bring Mozambique’s economy to the list of best performing. However, every country in the African Union has little or no produce that is exported to other countries, whereas Mozambique can be good for India for manufacturing or importing products like Petroleum, Coal, and Gold.

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