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Most Expensive Cost of G20 & G21 Summits from 2008, What is the cost of G20 Delhi vs China G20?

G20 Summit Debt on Canada, India & China?, Top Cost or Spent of G20 Summits in History of G20 from Foundation, Forex markets, G20 summit debt on India, Indian Rupees falling, Russia-Ukraine tensions, African Union in G21, top countries in G20 with best economy, defense, Finance, GDP, and technology, What is the cost of G20 Delhi vs China G20? and G20 costs by countries of G20 hosts.


In the world, the top powerful countries in economy, defense, Finance, GDP, and technology are visiting India’s first G20 Summit in New Delhi. Top leaders, politicians, G2O members, African Union, South American, Asian, African, Australian, European, and North American visited India’s First G20 Summit at New Delhi. In this G20 summit in India, Various countries have many demands of joining G20, Solving Payment Solutions, Investing, Forex, Stocks, Ties, Trades, Currencies, Bitcoin, and Russia-Ukraine tensions. World’s top expensive G20 Summit at a cost of at least $1 Billion USD in the history of G20 from 2008. Canada hosted the G20 in 2010 with the world’s top expensive record of expenses or cost of facilities, culture entertainment, and welcome of guests and countries visitors of Canada’s G20 summit. 

G20 Summit Debt on Canada & China?

China & Canada spent most of a Billion $ USD on Early G20 Summits to show the world’s top cost of the country’s GDP and amid India Hosting G20 Summit Indian Rupees are rapidly crashing in busy gateways of Digital trading and Forex markets. perhaps, maybe Canada’s government faced most of the Debt from US to run their first G20 Canada. By the way, If any country wants to Host the G20 Summit with large facilities, developments, stadiums, artificials, and architecture, then they might lend some money from any countries to keep their economy & stocks otherwise if they host on their own money that might be a problem with reserves, forex and Currencies during the Liquidity crisis.

Top Cost of G20 Summits in History of G20 from Foundation.

Top countries who spent the largest fund or cost of G20 in history.

  1. China → $24 Billion
  2. Canada → $1 Billion
  3. Australia → $320M
  4. Japan → $320M
  5. Germany → $94M
  6. France → $86M
  7. Argentina → $112M
  8. Indonesia → $33M
  9. India → $120 Million (India’s first summit in 2023)
  10. Saudi Arabia → Approximately $1 Billion or Might Host next in Neon City

In 2008, USA Hosted the first largest G20 summit to join the new world’s countries and make ties with the top Who had started from the beginning together. The most of cost G20 Summit from China spent $24 Billion to become the world’s top leader in G20 expenses and a member of G20 to establish a new strategy with the USA, India, UK, Germany, and all of the G20 Member countries.

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