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McDonald’s rapidly falling in the Middle East and Islamic world: McDonald’s News

Why McDonald’s Falling in International market, KFC Vs McDonalds, McDonald’s earn huge revenue in the Middle East, and the Islamic world, McDonald’s Employee afffected by Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine wars. McDonalds offering in Middle East with -75% discount, African countries Boycott McDonalds.


Due to the recent IsraelGaza and UkraineRussia war, McDonald’s losses have increased further. Other McDonald’s in the Arab World, Islamic Countries, Russia, and Africa-based McDonald’s franchisees are facing the biggest losses because McDonald’s has suffered the same consequences in the wars of Israel, Russia, and Ukraine as they have in Coronavirus or any other pandemic. Now it is believed that McDonald’s franchises have suffered most of the losses in the IsraelHamas and RussiaUkraine wars. Most of the McDonald’s franchises are being boycotted by the general public in Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and most African countries and the local McDonald’s franchises are being closed. Because of the Israel-Palestine war, the loss to McDonald’s could have been much higher, but if this war had stopped, the cost of McDonald’s stocks, food, and quality could have been 2x growth.

Why does McDonald’s earn huge profits in the Middle East, and the Islamic world?

Anyway, most of the business of McDonald’s for the last 5 years is in Israel, Japan, France, and the US but in the last 2 years, McDonald’s has got support from the Middle East, the Islamic World, and the common citizens of most of the countries. Because in today’s time, most of the revenue of McDonald’s comes from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Although McDonald’s sales are in the US, France, and Western countries, the Middle East plays a very important role in terms of profit. It is believed that UAE is the only country where US products, US Food certification, and US food cultures are accepted in the matter of food but the people of UAE are quite worried after seeing McDonald’s involvement in the Israel-Palestine war. However, Middle Eastern and Islamic countries not only consume McDonald’s products but also give importance to McDonald-related stocks and shares.

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