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McDonald’s menu in these countries Earning maximum profit in the world, KFC, StarBuck Vs McDonald’s who is best and Elon Musk buying?

can Elon musk buying McDonald’s?, Starbuck and KFC, Top McDonald’s & KFC Competitors in the Middle East, world’s top fast food company financed by BlackRock and Vanguard. BlackRock and Vanguard is owner of McDonald’s, Cofee (Starbucks), Chicken (KFC) and Pizza (Domino’s Pizza), Burger (Burger King), best coffe shops, McDonald’s become the world’s top chain of food, BlackRock and Vanguard owning McDonalds.


McDonald’s is the world’s top fast food company in the United States which has their franchisee across the world with the best revenue in the month of 2023. McDonald’s are the most popular fast food chain in the world to explore a have the biggest availability across the top cities, country, and continents. McDonald’s makes most of its revenue from Pizza, Burger, sandwiches, Chicken, coffees, Non-Veg, and Sweets like Chocolate and Ice-creams. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the world’s top Chicken store of world, where Chicken and all varieties of non-vegs are available but McDonald’s is also diversifying their food and coffees into NonVeg and vegetarian. KFC is an official Non-veg store of the World, Starbucks is famous and the most expensive Cofee of the world but McDonald’s offers all kinds of foods, coffee, sweets, NonVeg, Veg, and Fast Food.

Top McDonald’s & KFC Competitors in the Middle East

McDonald’s is earning massive profits and revenue from Pizza, Burger, French fries, Chicken, and chocolates, and candy. In Canada, the US, Australia, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UAE, Italy and Israel has the largest number of McDonald’s stores and have most profitable journey with US franchisee to spread across the earth. In the competition with Mcdonald’s and KFC the Middle Eastern population is visiting for the Orfali Bros which is the UAE and Saudi Arabian top Halaal Non-Veg store across the Middle East. In UAE and the Middle East, The Franchises of McDonald’s, Starbucks and KFC have has largest number of stores. US, China, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Australia have most of the largest McDonald’s, Starbucks, and KFC across cities per capita 800K populations and have the biggest investments of these three companies of Cofee, Chicken, and Fast Food. by the way, McDonald’s are offering all kinds of various foods, Non-Veg and Coffee to coughing the global population into Mcdonald’s with largest gathering.

Why McDonald’s is famous in the world, Why People choose McDonald’s instead of KFC, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, and Panda Express. Is Elon Musk buying McDonald’s?

Finally, McDonald’s is the world’s top food branch of Big Pharma, medicos, children’s foods, and other breakfast or dinner related foods to have a nice day with satisfaction instead of visiting each other stores of Cofee (Starbucks), Chicken (KFC) and Pizza (Domino’s Pizza), Burger (Burger King), and Panda Express. McDonald’s become the world’s top chain of food and has an all-in-one variety for visitors to have great first-time visits to date. Top employees and rich or VIP persons are using McDonald’s to gain satisfaction in Fast Food etc. McDonald’s earns a huge profit and provides VIP stores across the world’s top countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America. On Social Media and, most of McDonald’s visitors are telling Elon Musk to Buy McDonald’s like Twitter, but McDonald’s store has a hard market cap of trillion of USD under Assets Management companies like BlackRock and Vanguard.

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