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May Taiwan or US be hit by China’s new biology war, China Pandemic, Disease, Pharma : Pneumonia News

China’s new Pneumonia spread in Taiwan and US, China Vs Taiwan, Biological War, Climate Change Diease, Pneumonia spread in Canada, America and Europe. Disease in China, Why do People want to know about Pharma, SARS-CoV-2, Pneumonia, and Wars?.


Recently news has gone viral on the internet that there is a new pandemic in China whose name is ‘Pneumonia‘ and till now no name has been given to this disease in many countries. And it is being told that this disease can spread rapidly in Canada and Europe like before. Many countries believe that in the situation of China, has suffered a lot due to the US door in some people were in support of China and some people including Uyghur, Tibet, and Hong Kong were also against China. Due to all these, the question of many people is does China want to plunge the world into this Pandemic again? – Can China wage a biological war on Taiwan like Hong Kong? – Not, all those biological wars cannot be solved, but in China, where did this ‘Pneumonia‘ come from and how did it come, even the Chinese doctors and scientists are still not able to understand.

Why do People want to know about Pharma, SARS-CoV-2, Pneumonia, and Wars?

We have written on this topic in the minds of many people, due to comments and demand, so in this way, we can think that ‘Pneumonia‘ can be more like SARS-CoV-2. But for now, almost 99.50% of people of the world do not even know which pandemic will come or is about to come and are associating ‘Pneumonia’ with a chronic disease. But the correct reaction can be told about ‘Pneumonia’ only when it is not cured by normal treatment due to the way it spread across the world due to Coronavirus. If we talk about that war, China’s enemy is Taiwan, so questions can be raised from Taiwan’s side whether China is now going to use biological weapons on Taiwan. – Because at present the issue of US-China regarding Taiwan remains incomplete. At such a time, the pandemic has raised many questions for many experts. One of them is: Can China and Taiwan tie the US to the pandemic? – This may also make sense because some cases of ‘pneumonia’ can be seen in Taiwan too. If everyone talks about ‘pneumonia‘ then it is happening due to climate change in many countries of the world but now we will not be able to know what is the difference between China’s new ‘pneumonia‘ and the old pneumonia.

Keep Safe, Keep Healthy.

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