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Massive Earthquake in Japan, Huge Damage reports, and Airports and malls Closed : Japan News

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Recently, a very large-scale earthquake has occurred inside Japan, a 7.6-magnitude earthquake hits Western Japan. Reports of damage, Airports and Malls closing are coming in. Currently, most of the malls and other airports in Japan have been badly damaged by this earthquake, and Japan’s top international airports are temporarily closed so people may be evacuated to safe places. Because this earthquake has created panic in other parts of Japan and it seems that the Japanese Government has seen such situations and has the power to send people to safe places. It is true that this earthquake is also said to be a threat to all the neighborhood places of Japan. But this storm has definitely caused a lot of damage, but till now there has been no news of any loss of life or any casualty.

Japan’s EEW forecast trying to measure the magnitude in Western Japan.

Although these earthquakes are likely to spread to the entire western areas of Japan, for now only some residences, malls and transportation have been heavily damaged. Japan’s EEW forecast has now allowed the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services to issue an advisory and advise the people of Japan to stay safe. Along with this, the EEW forecast is trying to measure the magnitude of the earthquake to see whether such an incident is likely to happen again in the future or in the next 24 hours. And still Japan’s weather (EEW forecast) forecast is saying that there is still a danger of earthquake in the western region of Japan.

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