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Maldives may cut all relations with Israel, US, and India: Israel-Gaza War

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Currently, there are rumors going around that the new government of Maldives may end all relations with India, Israel, and the US. because recently the new PM of Maldives had said after the elections that he is with India and Israel Can end the relationship. By the way, the Prime Minister of Maldives did not say this during the recent IsraelGaza war. In fact, even before that, they cut relations with India. The recent Israel-Gaza war has also divided it and the allied countries of Iran and Russia. Due to this India, UAE, Israel, Maldives, Europe, and Middle Eastern countries starting to boycott each other like South Africa, Bolivia, Maldives, and the Arab League.

Top countries to end relation, de-recognize Israel, and withdraws all diplomats.

In the world, Despite the Israel-Gaza war most of the US, Iranian, and Russian allies are cutting ties with each other to punish Israeli foreign policies. It seems, that if the IsraelGaza war continuously takes longer then Israel’s foreign relations will be broken across the world including even the US, China, Russia, and the Arab League. Currently, due to Israel’s actions in Gaza, many countries are ending relations with Israel. Now Turkey, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Brazil, Canada, and European countries can also end the revolution. if the US and Israel continue attacking Gaza and the Israel-Gaza war continues.

Top countries to end all ties with Israel and the US

Although India’s stance towards Maldives has always been good, with the arrival of the new party, the foreign relations of Maldives may change. There are good relations with Israel and the US will also be affected by the Maldives regarding Diego Garcia. But now Israel, the US, and India’s friendship may be affected by coming here. At the same time, the US’s biggest blow to counter China may come from Maldives. So for now we believe that Maldives, South Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Bahrain, Qatar, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and many other countries can end their relations with Israel.

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