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Macron ready to talk Putin, EU-Russia Relation amid US Leave NATO, Russia-Ukraine Deal : NATO News

US Leave NATO, Biden Deal for Israel hamas with Russia and US deal amid Ukraine Crisis, Why US Want to deal with Russia and Iran?, EU-Russia Relation with US, Russia-Ukraine Deal. Biden counter Israel-Hamas War with Russia to stop Iran and Hezbollah.


After the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on for many years, France and EU (European Union) countries want to improve their relations with Putin and Russian companies. So due to the losses of that NATO foreign policy in the future, EU and NATO countries will not be able to trust America too much. Now France and EU countries feel that Emmanuel Macron has spread the message that the foreign policy of the US and NATO seems to be failing everywhere because of Turkey and the US, even if the war is going on in Ukraine and Israel. The US and Russia want to become new closer friends amid the Ukraine War because the US also wants peace With Russia and the IsraelHamas War to counter Iran and Hezbollah.

Why US Want to deal with Russia and Iran?

Recently the President of France said that he wants to make a separate peace deal with Ukraine-Russia from the rest of the world because due to Russia’s victory in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, it is now a threat to NATO countries. Very sad news. Because only France, the UK, and Europe are suffering the loss due to the US being in NATO. Why now EU countries afraid That Russia will not make any peace deal because Ukraine has been destroyed? – Because currently there are rumors that USRussia can make a big peace deal because Russia also wants the area lost from Ukraine should be given international control to Russia. And the amount of trust that America had in Europe and NATO in the past, Europe will not be able to do now because, given the failure of the US in the Israel war, Europe does not seem that Europe will get much US support from the EU.

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