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Jordan Buys F 35, US, Jordan Israel airstrikes on Iraq, Syria, and Iran, US Retaliation Iran : Iran News

Jordan, US Vs Iran in Iraq and Syria. Is US Will Deal the F35, THAAD Defense System to Jordan?, Kataib Hezbollah Vs Jordan, Iranian Backed Militias in Syria and Iraq, IRGC in Iraq, US defense for US, Saudi Arabia, UAE. Israel and Arab normalization.


Recently, Jordan and Syria are going to continuously attack Iranian interests in which Iran, Israel, Syria, and Jordan will play the biggest role. It is believed that in the future, Jordan, the US, and Israel together can launch an operation against Iran in which Saudi, UAE, Egypt, and Israel are now planning to go further against Iran. The US has openly said that the US will take revenge on Iran in Iraq and Syria but the US will not wage a long war with Iran. The US is currently targeting Iranian-backed groups like Kataib Hezbollah and can carry out even more massive attacks on the Iranian Proxy because the US operation has lasted for approximately 1 week now. Because now even Jordan is ready to attack the open Iranian Interests and it does not seem that The US presence is going to increase further in the Middle East. In all cases, in the future, Jordan and Iran may become enemies of each other, which is the reason for Iranian-backed proxy groups attacking the American military bases present in Jordan.

Is US Will Deal the F35, THAAD Defense System to Jordan?

So this question is very important because, in the coming times, Jordan can get more advanced weapons to strengthen its power in the US-Middle East due to which there will be chances of war between Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Currently, before the US operation gets approval from the Pentagon, Jordan has launched an air strike on Iranian-backed militias and it is possible that Iran may then attack the US military presence in Jordan. All of Jordan, the US, Israel, and the Middle East would never want to declare war on Iran but said Hezbollah, Hezbollah, and Iranianbacked organizations that are present in Iraq and Syria can form a military coalition with US and Jordan. However, the US’s Operation Prosperity Guardians seems to be almost a failure because European countries do not want to get involved in the Middle East war at all because the Russia and Ukraine war has taught the biggest lesson for EU or NATO. In all cases, the US can provide defense like a NATO treaty to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan so that the US, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Jordan together can respond to Iran’s attacks and provocations. And in the Middle East, everyone can sell THAAD Defense System and F35-like aircraft to the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan which will be a big worry for Iran and Russia.

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