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Joe Biden May Destroy Democratic Party in 2024, Democratic Donors, Biden health Issue : Trump 2024

Why Joe Biden Will Lose Election 2024, Republican Party Wins US Again, Next Democratic Party Candidate, Joe Biden Trump US Election 2024, Democratic Donors, Biden health Issue.


Recently we saw that due to Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson, Labor has come out like a fire in front of the Conservative Party. Now Conservative candidates are blaming Rishi Sunak that because of Rishi Sunak, the Conservative party has lost the maximum number of seats for the first time in history. In the same way, now the top candidates, leaders, and election donors of the Democratic Party have also understood that the face of Joe Biden can damage the Democratic Party. Because recent ongoing wars, inflation, foreign policy, and victory of Russia and China everywhere is the worst performance for America. It is believed that like Obama, now Joe Biden is also making the biggest failure for US interests and foreign policy. Because just as the US and its allies are forgetting all the allies for Ukraine and Israel, they are now maintaining their relations with BRICS and Russia. Because of this, the US government is providing defense aid worth almost Billions of USD to Israel and Ukraine but Israel is still facing defeat from Iranian Interests and in the same way, Ukraine is also continuously losing in Europe. Apart from this, after the continuous defeat of Biden in the debate between Biden and Trump, the people of America also want to vote for Trump’s Republican party.

Why Joe Biden Will Lose Election 2024, Republican Party Wins US Again, Next Democratic Party Candidate?

Actually, Trump is not as easy as Biden and the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party has already won from Trump. But now, like before, Biden won because of Trump’s mistakes, and Trump could win because of Biden’s mistakes. The biggest challenge before Joe Biden is to save the Democratic Party and pay attention to Election Day, Campaign, and International events, but the way Biden is continuously failing, it seems that the Democratic Party may face a huge threat in the future. And that threat can come from Trump because Trump has revealed that due to Biden’s age, it does not seem that Biden will become the US President for the second time. but there is still a chance for the Democratic Party to find another candidate in place of Biden in the future. On the other hand, ever since Biden’s presidency began in 2020, the US national debt has also been continuously increasing. So due to this, now even the top and wealthy donors of the Democratic Party can reduce their donations to the Democratic Party due to Biden’s return. If Biden loses in the next US election then in the future almost 80% of Democratic candidates may lose seat share or strong opposition.

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