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Jean-Luc Mélenchon allow Arabic, Burqa and Islamic Laws in France 2024 : France News

France Allow Immigrants, Palestinian Aid, Sharia Laws, and Ukraine Aid, African Refugees, Ukraine War, Macron Vs Jean-Luc Mélenchon allow Arabic, Burqa and Islamic Laws in France 2024 : France News. Far-Left will affect, France president election 2027.


Recently, there has been another PM election in France which is the most important for the integrity and democracy of France and now in the second PM election of France, FarLeft Leader JeanLuc Mélenchon has won. However, this election does not hold much importance because due to the ongoing Radicalization, Leftism, Right Wing, Ukraine War and parliamentary conflict between Centrists in France, French President Macron has forced many parties to contest for the PM election. Due to this, now PM elections have been held in France which can remove all the confusion between Macron and his father in future. Both the PM and the President of the Renaissance Party of France were the same Renaissance party from are now the Prime Minister of the French Popular Front and the President can be Emmanuel Macron. In this situation, France’s PM election brought trouble to the whole of Europe because Macron was confident that a centralist party like Renaissance could win the election again after the recent competition between Far-Left and Far-Right parties. But finally, the Far-Left party has come to power. That being said, now Macrons can also combine his centrist stance with the far-left. France’s presidential elections are also going to be held in 2027, in which France may also get a new presidential candidate.

Why does the French government Allow Immigrants, Palestinian Aid, Sharia Laws, and Ukraine Aid?

Actually, due to the recent French elections, major developments are going to happen in the politics and parliament of France. On one side is Macron who is the President of France and his party Renaissance is failing to gain a majority and on the other is the Far-Left party which has recently come to power. But now French President Macron can get big hopes from the Far-Left who can also support Macron’s party in the future. Because till now the Renaissance party has always been Centrist and now in the future, Macron’s party may also get the support of the far left for the 2027 presidential election. Because it was Macron’s wish to conduct the national PM elections in a short time, by whatever means the conflict between far-left and far-right should be resolved. The real gain so far has been to JeanLuc Mélenchon, leader of the ‘New Popular Front‘. If Macron does not get a majority in the 2027 French presidential Elections, then Jean-Luc Mélenchon can support Macron with his coalition. But now French PM Gabriel Attal is about to submit his resignation which will make JeanLuc Mélenchon the future PM of France. But there can be a big announcement regarding Palestine, Islam, Ukraine Aid, Burqa, the Quran, and Mosques in France which can connect Islam with the culture of France in the future. Because in view of France’s far-right Marine Le Pen’s policy against Islam, Burqa, and Leftism, people chose the far left so that France’s democracy can be kept safe in the future. Now doors can be opened to follow every religion in France so that France can maintain tourism, investment, Brotherhood, and democracy because Macron also wants this.

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