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Israeli Troops Escalation Lebanon Border and Large Scale War in Golan Heights : Israel Hezbollah War

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Currently, defense experts and war monitors of many countries believe that in the future, a war between Israel and Hezbollah may take place in Southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights. Currently, Israel’s top Golani Brigade is carrying out a large-scale military INVASION against Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel’s Northern, Haifa Port, Golan Heights, and Tel Aviv may be now under threat from Hezbollah. Netanyahu and the IDF (Israel Defense Force) also believe that if there is no peace treaty or peace talk between Hezbollah and Israel. Netanyahu can launch its biggest attack on Lebanon so far. However, as of now, Hezbollah and Hamas are refusing to accept Israel’s demands, due to which relations between Israel and Middle Eastern countries are likely to deteriorate further. Actually, Israel’s chances of winning from Hezbollah are less because for the last several months there has been a continuous short-term war between Hezbollah and Israel.

Will Israel win in Israel Hezbollah or Lebanon War, Iran Vs Israel in Golan Heights?

And it does not seem that Israel and Hezbollah will stop after the war because again there is a threat of Hezbollah’s missiles to the Golan Heights and North Israel as well as Tel Aviv. Because it will become an option for Iran to further increase the proxy war against Israel, such as intensifying attacks on Israel directly from Houthi, Syria, and Iraq. Both Israel’s Netanyahu and Hezbollah leader Nasrallah have made big claims against each other, saying that Lebanon is not Gaza. After Hezbollah, there will be direct entry of Lebanon’s Army, Militias, Hezbollah, and Iran because Iran will never want Hezbollah to bow before Israel. Therefore, Hezbollah has enough power to attack Israel almost as it happened in the last war, if Israel declares a ‘State of War‘ against Lebanon then Israel could face another front war in the future. Now it depends on the time when Israel and Hezbollah will go to war, and how long both Israel and Hezbollah will remain in Lebanon and the Golan Heights. The biggest challenge for Israel is the Mediterranean Sea which provides an option for the Lebanese army and Hezbollah. Hezbollah will target Israel’s capital and there are a lot of Iranian-backed proxies that will block Haifa ports and also block the import of Weapons for Israel from the US and Europe.

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