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Israeli Knesset may include Rafah as part of Israel, Arab League Fear Iran, Israel Lebanon War

Why Israeli Forces Will Never Leave Rafah, Is Gaza Integral Part of Israel, Arab League Removes Hezbollah, Taliban, Hamas from Terrorists List, Knesset Israel, Gaza Part of Israel. Iranian Proxies in Middle East.


Currently, the IsraelGaza war is going on, social media influencers, war experts and unofficial news agencies around the world believe that if a war starts between Israel and Hezbollah, then in the future Israel can make Rafah and Gaza a region of Israel. Many Israeli news agencies also believe that if Hamas surrenders to the IDF, Northern Gaza, Khan Younis, and Rafah can be included in Israel. Recently, before the 7th Oct, Israel PM called Gaza and the West Bank an integral part of Israel in the UN. But now it seems that if Hamas and Hezbollah agree to any kind of ceasefire to preserve regional peace, the Israeli army will still not be able to withdraw from Gaza.

Why Israeli Forces Will Never Leave Rafah, Is Gaza Integral Part of Israel?

Because Netanyahu and the Knesset want to make Gaza an integral part of Israel by any means possible. This is because if IDF withdraws from Gaza after eliminating Hamas in Gaza, Netanyahu will have to face the biggest political challenges. Because it still seems to the world that Hamas has captured Israeli hostages but it does not seem that any of the hostages would have been found alive after the Israeli airstrike. However, Hamas has released almost a lot of Israeli hostages, but now if there is a war between Israel and Hezbollah or Lebanon, then in the future Hamas will be able to strengthen themselves in support of Egypt and Iran.

Why the Arab League Removes Hezbollah from Terrorists List?

But now the way the Israeli Army is fighting against Hezbollah and Hamas in North and Southern Israel, it does not seem that the regional war will stop after the entry of Iran and the Middle East. Currently, the Arab League has removed Hezbollah, Taliban, and Hamas from the terrorist list and in the future maybe the Arab League can remove all the Islamic Terrorists or militant groups of the world from the terrorist list. All the Islamic Militants who are now small and heavily built can take retaliatory action against Israel, whose US bases are also likely to face heavy damage. Because the Arab League has come to know that within a few months, Iran can prepare its first Nuclear Weapon which will seriously hurt Israeli Dominance in the Middle East. Therefore, now the Arab League is also removing Iranian proxies from its terrorism list.

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