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Israeli IAI Kfir, F35 fighter Jets prepare to attack inside Iranian nuclear facilities : Israel-Iran War

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Currently, Israel’s Air Force and Netanyahu have now confirmed that if necessary, Israel can attack Iran’s oil, petroleum, and nuclear power plants. Currently, Iran has warned Jordan and other countries in the Middle East that if their airspaces are given to the Israeli Air Force, Iran will launch a huge rocket that can attack Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel’s Tel Aviv. If Israel responds to Iran in this war and then Iran again attacks Israel then in the future another World War 3 like situation will arise in the Middle East. But it is being told among many experts and defense news that now Israel can attack Iran at any time because along with the World War, Iran will also have to use its hypersonic missiles. Now Iran does not want Israel to attack again and escalate the war because if this happens then Russia and Iran will see together with Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. But just now it has come to light that Israel’s IAI Kfir fighter jets are preparing to attack Iran because Israel has learned that Iran has deployed its most advanced Mesbah 1 air defense system in which Israel can May the target be missed. In all these, Israel will not use its F-35I stealth jets against Iran because it is believed that Iran also has similar weapons to Russia which can shoot down F-35 stealth jets. Or Israel has the option to attack Iran using General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-22, and F-35.

Will Israel Bomb the Nuclear sites, Oil, and Petroleum sites of Iran?

However, both the countries want that there should be a direct confrontation but they both also want that if the US and Iranian proxies do not support them then Iran and Israel can wage a long war which will include ground invasion, and naval There will be options. Because if Israel attacks Iran’s Nuclear sites, Oil, and Petroleum sites then Iran may have to take bigger action in the future. Because Iran has been working on nuclear programs for the last few years and if Israel destroys them, then Iran will have the right to launch military operations within minutes. Due to this, Iran can also carry out additional attacks from Iran’s military, airforce, and navy forces on Israel, due to which nuclear war can also increase. After Israel attacks Iran, a deal can be made between Russia and Iran for very advanced weapons like Sukhoi Su34, Mikoyan MiG31, and S400 which can also protect Iran from the attack of Israel and America. Moreover, after Israel’s attack, Iran can also attack Israel with fighter jets like the Mikayan MiG-29 and Grumman F14 Tomcat. Apart from this, Iran’s proxies can also escalate the war against Israel. However, Iran’s S300 defense system is enough to stop IAI Kafir attacks, but if Israel use some of its fighter jets like the F35 and F22, the attack on Iran could have been a success rate carried out.

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