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Israel tourism visa-free to US, France, and UK in 2023, Arab-Israel relations: Israel Visa

Israel allow these countries for tourism without visa, Is US using Israel for vote bank?, Free Tourism visa of Israel for the US, Saudi, UK, France, Germany, and UAE in 2024, Israel tourists have surged by 80% in the past 4 months, best tourism places of israel including Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jaffa. Arabs and European are supporting israel for UN World Tourism Organization.


Israeli leaders are talking with Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, UAE, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, and some European countries to get the biggest tourism support in the UN about the world’s becoming the Middle East’s top tourism country. Israel always trusts the economy, defense, and support of Middle Eastern some arab countries to make some ties with Saudi Arabia and UAE. In the US, UK, and EU countries, most of the Israeli population is protesting against the government of Israel about the Palestine-Israel crisis and wants peace in the Middle East. also, they want a war-free country Israel to make deep economic, friendly, and brotherhoods with arab and global Muslim populations. Although this could also be a political concept, the Israeli population in the US and the UK mostly have the best business and the best image of their hard work and jobs or politics in EU countries.

Israel tourists have surged by 80% in the past 4 months.

In June 2023, Israel’s tourism was approximately 2M+ arrived in Israel from the UK, US, France, and Germany and That number of tourism has now increased to 4M+ in 4 months from June to October 2023. Israel is the first place of Abrahamic religions including Christianity, Islam, and Jewish, all the world’s Jewish population are coming to visit Israel for tourism, investment, and development of something big to make top powerful country of the Middle East. In Israel, top cities include Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jaffa where the top tourism is seen by tours and stays. Israeli Minister of Tourism is visiting top neighborhood countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, and Morocco to participate in a UN World Tourism Organization conference to solve the PalestineIsrael Tension and make a safe tourism bridge to peace and calm for all the tourists of the world. If the IsraelPalestine issues going to be resolved then it’s the biggest opportunity for all Islamic countries to visit Israel for the AlAqsa mosque and have complete tourism packages. IsraelArab deal may create new opportunities for Israeli tourists to visits Arabs and Arabs to visit Israel.

Free Tourism visa of Israel for the US, Saudi, UK, France, Germany, and UAE in 2024.

The US provides free work, visits, and tourist visas to Israel for their deep friendships, Israel may offer free or without visa entry to all their friendly countries to increase tourism and economic ties with other countries. Israel may restrict the Visa and Visas new policies to Many countries will be banned who supporting the invasion of Israel. In this scenario, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain are the top allies countries of Israel making business, trade, and economic or defense ties. US is officially using Israeli population for its vote bank but real friend of Israel is Arabs who always has best relationship than Europe and America. Only Arabs can solve the issue of IsraelPalestine to keep their friendship and diplomatic dialogs.

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