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Israel-Palestine conflict going to end?

israli Protesting against Israel’s politics, Jobs for Israel in Middle East and Europe, top muslim countries to support Israel, Jews, Christians, and Muslims population in Jerusalem, top country with large population of Jews and Muslim. Why did Israel stop the war with Arabs, and what Israeli the new generation want from Arabs and Israel? Israeli and Arab or Palestinian war going to end?


The Israel and Palestine conflicts are going to end with Protests, Politics, and the economy. Most of Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Seven Muslim countries are making new ties with Palestine to end the current conflict between Israel and Palestine. In New York, Europe, and Across the US, Mostly Palestinians & Israelis are protesting against the both side of governments of Israel and Palestine to end all tension between Israel and Palestine.

In New York, all the Jewish & Muslim-populated US States are looking to make some friendly relationships between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. They are protesting against the invasions of Palestine and Israel. Israel is one of the oldest holy places for Islamic religions including Jewish, Christian, and Muslim, Whereas only the Israelis and Palestinians have long conflicts in both of country about Jerusalem. Outside Israel, Most Muslims and Jews live like a family and also want to Netanyahu stop the war against the innocent Palestinians.

Why did Israel stop the war with Arabs, and what Israeli the new generation want from Arabs and Israel?

Israeliqualified civilians abroad, thinking the US, Israel, and the Middle East should stop the war between both countries. if the IsraelPalestine war can’t stop the war against Each other, then Israel may lose the neighborhood and may cause new trouble for the new-generation Israeli and Arabian populations and businesses. Israel has most of its economic ties with Arab countries the most of the economic investments are going to come from Israel to become a beautiful future of the Middle East. Israeli and Arab or Palestinian populations are protesting against the government of Netanyahu to protect their civilians outside Israel and have learned and thought that our country may also turn into an enemy like Russia and Israel. They protested and shouted, Most Israeli companies and Israeli workers stay in the Middle East and Europe where the population of Muslims is major, and treat those like a brotherhood, so why Israeli politics are dividing their thoughts.

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