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Israel may start the ground invasion of Rafah City and Egypt War, Iran-Arab Vs Israel : Israel Vs Gaza War

Will Egypt, Jordan, and Hamas retaliate against Israel amid Rafah or West Bank tension?, Israel Vs Gaza, Rafah Vs Israel, US troops Withdraw from Middle East, Israel Vs Arab. Iran and Arab may retaliate Israel.


Currently, along with the war between Israel and Gaza, a war with Hamas can also start over Egypt, Southern Gaza, and Sinai because the hostage deal between Israel and Hamas could be postponed or the ceasefire could be canceled. Well, now it is clearly visible that Hamas, Israel (IDF), and Netanyahu will not be able to move far enough for a ceasefire. Recently, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and even Iran have warned that Israel may have a war with Egypt and Jordan in the future. Actually, Iran now believes that there will be no normalization, peace, and diplomatic relations between Arabs and Israel for a long time. And now many European countries and America have also rejected aid to Israel and it is believed that in the future many top Israeli-friendly countries will be reluctant to support Israel. With this, the US, European, and Middle Eastern countries believe that many future peace treaties and diplomatic and trade deals between Israel and Arabs are under threat.

Will Egypt, Jordan, and Hamas retaliate against Israel amid Rafah or West Bank tension?

Also, other Arab countries still have good relations with Israel like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and UAE. now if the Israeli army launches massive operations on Rafah city, West Bank, and Lebanon also in future Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, Relations between Jordan and UAE may also deteriorate further with Israel. And this war will turn into Arab vs Israel and Iran will get the most benefit from this war by joining forces with Arab countries like Jordan, and Egypt by sending an army along with Saudi Arabia and taking action against Israel. And currently US defense, economic, and geopolitical experts believe that US military bases and US Troops can be withdrawn from Syria and Iraq by MAY-JUN 2024, which will pose a bigger threat to Israel and Arab countries in the future. And in such a situation, it and Europe also seems that after Israel and Iran, now war can break out between Israel and Arab countries. Because earlier when Israel wanted to launch a ground operation in Gaza, Iran had repeatedly warned. but now the chances of taking action on Rafah seem to be high, the Arab country is warning Israel, which means running a ground operation in Rafah i.e. Arab-Israel.

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