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Israel may face the biggest threat of Ayyash missiles, Irani Qatar Aid, US Vs Arab from Hamas if the ground offensive will continues: World War

Isreal face new Threat from Hamas, Hezbollah and Lebanon, Irani Qatar Aid, US Vs Arab, World War in Israel, Gaza Occuption by Israel, ayyash 250 missile, Ground Operation in Gaza, Why Hamas will bomb Israel again if Israel-Palestine war continues?, Why did Hamas retaliate Attack On Israel after a long war with Israel-Palestine?.


The Israel-Arab world has been clouded by the Israel-Hamas war, so it becomes clear that Israel’s IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will continue to bomb Gaza without caring for civilians. This war could be the next world war between HamasIsrael and Arabs because, in the previous Syrian war, we had seen how foreign powers attacked each other in the Middle East. Now this war is again moving towards Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran. But in this war, much of their money, weapons, and soldiers like China, Russia, Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have been mobilized to support Palestine. And it also seems that this IsraelPalestine war can be prolonged for a long time like it happened in Syria and Iraq. But first, everyone will do it for themselves but your turn will be directly targeted at Israel.

Why Hamas will bomb Israel again if Israel-Palestine war continues?

Every time Hamas has always done the same with Israel so that Israel does not consider the West Bank and Gaza Strip as its own because now Israel’s PM said in the UN (United Nations) that Gaza and West Bank both belong to Israel and theirs. We can also develop the future without knowing that Gaza and the West Bank belong to Palestine. The name of Hamas has become infamous because it has killed the people of Israel and it is also called a terrorist attack but Hamas also knows that if we attack the Israeli army then the army will also answer us. It is Still our mistake and it is my fault. Hamas will not go to war because it knows that if it loses in a war, it can provoke Israel and force it to stay in Gaza for a long war in which Israel will suffer the most.

Why did Hamas retaliate Attack On Israel after a long war with Israel-Palestine?

This time Hamas has a huge number of missiles and it can also be said that which countries have helped it because Hamas knows that Israel will respond with strong action and like Ukraine-Russia we can also destroy Israel. Through this we can get a twostate solution after a long war, otherwise, Israel will gradually take over the entire West Bank and Gaza. These Hamas and Palestinian leaders came to know that Israel could even bomb civilians to eliminate Hamas, but after the US Foreign Minister met with Qatar, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, Israel said that it should reduce its attacks in Gaza. Also, Israel may withdraw their army from Gaza and the West Bank. However, Hamas has faster and longer-range missiles than the Ayyash 250 missile, so Israel would have to face a one-sided threat to a long war because till now Hezbollah, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, or any other country is openly not at war. If entry has been taken from others, Hamas will be able to carry out more attacks with the help of these proxies.

Is Israel afraid of Hamas?

In any war, no matter how strong a country is, if any country is attacked, if its enemy is capable of responding to the attack, then it will definitely try to attack us in the same way as it has attacked on us. Israel is also facing the same problem because Hamas, Hezbollah, and Lebanon forces should not attack its citizens together because ever since Hamas launched a surprise attack, they have been feeling very uncomfortable. This will harm Israel from both sides, firstly to save Netanyahu’s chair and secondly to save its people because what Israel is doing in Gaza, Hamas will also do in its retaliate, and nowhere else will Israeli citizens be treated like the citizens of Gaza. The people of Gaza can remain silent anywhere but how will they make room for the people of Israel no country in the Middle East and its civilians will understand how to give space to the Jewish people.

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