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Israel bought most of Crude Oil and Gold From Iraq amid Gaza War : Iran-Israel War

Crude Oil Price rise in Israel and Europe, Why do Crude Oil, Gold, and Petroleum Gas prices skyrocket in Israel and Europe?, US and Israel lost Iraqi and Syrian Natural Resources, israeli Crude Oil Company falling in Israel and europe.


Currently, Israeli businessmen are being warned by Iran’s IRGC that an Israeli businessman has been attacked by them and now it seems that the price of Crude Oil, Gold, and Petroleum gas can rise in Israel. Ever since the death of Iran’s General Mousavi inside Syria, Iran has been continuously taking steps against Israel. Which especially has the chance of losing Israel’s Business, Economy, and Inflation. And now it seems that Iraq and Iran together can destroy Israel’s business interests in Iraq and Syria. Currently, Israel’s biggest Crude Oil Company has been attacked from the Mediterranean Sea, which is already running inflation in Israel, and apart from this, other Israeli businessmen in Iraq, Syria, and Gaza can also be hit. Peshraw Agha Dizayee is the richest man in Iraq but IRGC feels that he exports Iraq’s crude oil directly to Israel instead of Iran, Europe, and OPEC. Being the richest man in Iraq, Peshrao Agha Dizai’s net worth ($3 Billion USD) was also said to be the wealthiest man in Iraq and Israel.

Why do Crude Oil, Gold, and Petroleum Gas prices skyrocket in Israel and Europe?

Because now the Iraqis, Syrians, and Lebanese of the Middle East believe that Pesaro Vasan, an Israeli-linked businessman, sold Iraqi resources to Israel. Along with him, Pesaro Vasan is the only Israeli businessman who was involved in Israel’s Crude Oil manufacturing, Petroleum Gas, and Gold business worth Billions of USD, whom IRGC soldiers killed in Iraq. This may make it difficult for Israeli businessmen to do business through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and it will also cause a huge economic loss for Israel in the next financial year. Because recently Iranian militia forces have evacuated from Iraq, now IRGC is seen to be quite active in Iraq and Syria, who have recently given a big blow to Israeli interests by attacking Israeli businessmen in Iraq. Israeli businessmen have imported billions of USD worth of Crude Oil, Gold Mining, and Petroleum Gas into Israel due to the presence of the US and Israel in Iraq. However, the stocks of Israeli Refineries, Oil, and Gas Companies are known to be the best in the Middle East, but whatever resources Israel gets, it was the most profitable for Israel and the US during the Iraq and Syria wars, now after Iran’s step. It seems that Israel can have control over Iraqi and Syrian resources from Iran.

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