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Israel and Turkey trade arms exports to counter Hamas and Kurdistan : Israel-Turkey relations

Why do Israel and Turkey export Defense Products to Each Other Against Kurdis and Hamas?, Turkey Vs Kurdistan and Israel Vs Hamas, Israel-Turkey relations, turkey Huge weapons Exports to Israel. Tukey Vs Iran Arms Exports to Middle East.


According to a recent report, Turkey has recently exported most of its Arms weapons, Gunpowder, artillery shells, Ammunition, Weapons Parts, and Explosive and Flammable substances to Israel, due to which Turkey and Israel have now become very big defense partners. However, most of the Kurdish people consider Israel and Hamas as their biggest partners but now it is being said that Israel and Turkey are also not putting pressure on each other’s mission or war zone. Recently, after the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, Turkey has exported weapons worth about $1 billion to Israel. But now due to this deal, Turkey, Israel, and Israel are seen together against Russia, Iran, Gaza, and Hamas. While Turkey’s relations with Israel and Gaza are improving, the relations between Kurdish fighters, Iran, and Israel are also becoming stronger. After this step of Turkey, now Turkey is exporting weapons to Israel as well as Hamas, because of which in the future Israel can also export weapons to Kurdish fighters. Similarly, now both the countries Turkey and Israel are exporting their weapons to each other due to which both of them do not have any special dealings on Gaza and Kurds conflict.

Why do Israel and Turkey export Defense Products to Each Other Against Kurdis and Hamas?

Currently, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database, Israel has exported the largest amount to Turkey, which is approximately $2.34 billion in defense products and Turkey has also exported weapons worth approximately $1 Billion USD to Israel. In the eyes of the world, Kurdistan is a military group fighting for its rights, but in front of Turkey, Kurds are a terrorist organization. In the same way, Hamas is a terrorist in front of the world and Israel but there are resistance groups in Iran, Turkey, Gaza, and Palestine who are fighting for their rights. Yes, Turkey can sell weapons simultaneously to Israel and Hamas, because of this there will never be peace between the two. In the same way, Israel can also export its weapons to the Kurds. Well, somewhere in this deal between Israel and Turkey it seems that someone is blackmailing someone. Whatever Turkey did Kurdistan, Israel, NATO, and the US did not care about it, similarly, Israel is doing Gaza and the West Bank, and Turkey and the US did not care. In the same way, Israel knows that if Turkish weapons fall into the hands of Hamas and Gaza, then more problems could arise for Israel. Similarly, Turkey also does not want Israel to give its advanced weapons to Kurdish fighters. Therefore, both Israel and Turkey are making a deal with each other in which both countries benefit to avoid regional conflict.

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