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Is Xinjiang Uyghur or Tibet planning to surprise Attack on Beijing? : China Vs Taiwan War

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Any country will think 100 times before taking on China, but right now the question running in the minds of many people is whether China can attack Taiwan. And because of that, Would Xinjiang Uighurs also launch a major attack on Beijing like Hamas? – So this is not possible. Although such a possible thing may not happen now or ever due to proxy war, funding, Western knowledge, and America, for now, the people of Xinjiang are completely with China and they consider China as Xinjiang instead of East Turkmenistan. However, the issue of Hamas-Israel, Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank is very old and it does not take a lot of time and money to pacify to provoke any country.

Why China don’t attack Taiwan or Declare an Open War with Taiwan?

For example, giving direct support to Hamas from Iran is not complicated enough because the enmity between Iran and Israel is also not limited to the Hamas-Israel war. If there is a war anywhere other than Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, then Iran and Israel will always be face to face. These countries are always taking out enmity with each other, Russia-America, Israel-Iran, Pakistan-India, Afghanistan-US, South China Sea, and China. China should not capture only Taiwan but should also keep Tibet and East Turkmenistan in mind because if a war like IsraelHamas and UkraineRussia, both IsraelRussia are getting proxies, China should also consider this step.

Why China Don’t Want Any War in the South China Sea, South and East China?

Everyone knows that China’s army is the largest and strongest army in the world. Seeing the failure of AmericaAfghanistan, VietnamUS, and Syria-Iraq and America, China also feels that the war with Taiwan may go on longer. Massive losses for China from North, East, And South may suffer the biggest losses. because for Xinjiang Kashmir region, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolian, Gansu, and Qinghai provinces, Tibet shares a border with the autonomous region. In such a situation, China also thinks that the countries of Europe, India, and the South China Sea may not take advantage of this. We have learned that even India, Afghanistan, Russia, and America cannot get behind in this war because every country can take advantage of others for their own survival by improving the business of others. So it is not possible that anyone will attack China but if China gets caught in such a war then like Russia and Israel, their own people can also attack China.

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