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Is Shahrukh Khan free India’s 8 Naval soldiers from Qatar, Has Modi failed? : India Qatar Relation

Why did Qatar Release 8 ex-Indian Naval because of Shahrukh Khan, Indian Foreign Policy and relations between Qatar and India?, Shahrukh Vs Modi in India’s Foreign Policy.


Currently, I believe with some expertise that to date Qatar has always sentenced 8 Indian naval soldiers in any kind of treason case but currently, Qatar has released 8 naval soldiers of India even after giving them a death sentence. So due to all this, there is now a lot of stir in Indian politics between Shahrukh’s popularity and BJP’s foreign policy. Some believe that Qatar has now released 8 ex-Indian naval commandos because of Shahrukh Khan and some believe that Modi has played the biggest role between Qatar and India. But still many people have a question in their mind that why and for what reason has Qatar released 8 ex-naval soldiers? – It is believed that Shahrukh Khan has become an important person in the relations between the Middle East and India. But there was no specific aim ultimately it was Shahrukh Khan who got all the 8 ex-naval soldiers freed. However, some people believe that the Modi government has taken the help of Shahrukh Khan to save 8 ex-naval soldiers from Qatar, but the chances of this happening are around 50%. Because Shahrukh’s popularity, friendship, and great brotherhood are not only in India but other people all over the world consider Shahrukh Khan as the Bollywood king or the richest Bollywood star in the world. Just as top people are powerful in some countries, they are also powerful in others outside the country. Most of Shahrukh Khan’s lifestyle is between the Middle East and India. But although India’s government, foreign policy, and leadership had tried hard for the last year including G20, Qatar was still angry over it.

Why did Qatar Release 8 ex-Indian Naval because of Shahrukh Khan, Indian Foreign Policy and relations between Qatar and India?

To this question and answer we will understand in 3 points where some Indian foreign policy, relations with Qatar, Shahrukh Khan, and Qatar, and the situation of India with imports of $87b USD. By the way, in the last 2 years, Qatar has come to know that those 8 ex-Indian naval personnel were spying for Israel in Qatar. The biggest question facing the BJP government in the current situation in India is that for the last year, the Indian government has failed to release 8 ex-naval soldiers along with Qatar. On the other hand, Indian people used to work a lot inside Qatar, so the Indian Government did not want relations with Qatar to deteriorate. By the way, Qatar must have also taken something in return about Israel from those 8 naval soldiers. Secondly, Qatar leaders and Modi discussed several times regarding the death sentence of 8 naval soldiers but still Qatar said that it will not forgive 8 naval soldiers. And along with this, now Shahrukh Khan’s name is also there and it is possible that Qatar may have released all those 8 naval soldiers to keep the relations between India and Qatar stable. This means that some people do believe that perhaps Qatar had not released all those 8 naval soldiers as per India’s foreign policy. Due to this now credit has been given to Shahrukh Khan in the South Indian States. But the third point is that recently about $87 billion worth of trade has taken place between Qatar and India, which is of great importance for foreign relations. The only question being raised by the BJP and the Indian government for the last year is that despite the foreign policy of India’s top leaders along with Qatar, Qatar still wanted to give the death penalty to India’s 8 ex-naval soldiers. But now suddenly Qatar decided to release 8 ex-Naval soldiers of India, which was quite historical.

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