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Is Qatar or Saudi Arabia, Elon Musk, George Soros, FTX, CZ Binance Funding for US Election : Israel-Gaza War

Why Qatar funding to US Election is FTX investing, Elon Musk, CZ Binance fuding US Government?, Well Fargo, BlackRock, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait are biggest donor of US Election,


Currently, there are trends on the internet and social media about whether Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia are funding the US Elections or whether this is the reason for the debt piling up on the US Government. We have recently seen that during the IsraelHamas war, Qatar has played a very big role, whether it is about hostages, ceasefires, or the USIsrael relationship. If Qatar’s name has come forward regarding the recent Ceasefire, is Qatar so powerful that it can handle it and Israel together? – And does Qatar have such a huge reach in the US election, US economy, and USMiddle East tensions? – So now the need for Qatar has increased to maintain the relationship between Israel and Israel in the Middle East.

Why is there a rift between the US, the Middle East, and Israel?

However, this question is in the mind of many people whether Qatar and Saudi Arabia are causing problems in the US Election, US Economy, and Diplomatic relations with USIsrael. Well, the answer is no, because Qatar & Saudi Arabia may have different opinions regarding Palestine, IsraelHamas, and America. In every country where due to democracy and elections, many big people also fund, and send money to any party in the name of donation or donor. But no one will openly say that they fund that party, just like there is in the relations between Qatar, the US, and Israel.

Who Funding to Democratic & Republican Party in US Election.

You may have heard the names of George Soros, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Sixteen Thirty Fund because now the media has speculated that they fund the US Democratic Party. Also, You may have heard the names of Peter Thiel, Wells Fargo, Ron Weiser, and Elon Musk, a lot of media claims that these companies are Pro-Republican and it seems that these people have donated a lot to the Republican Party. Even the businesses of very rich people depend on politicians so that they can further grow their business because without political support many companies have to face losses. So in such a situation, their companies have to support and become donors of one or the other party to move forward. In this way, I believe that if this can happen in any country then it is also possible in the Israel-Gaza war because Qatar & Saudi Arabia have money and economic powers in the Middle East. So in such a situation, recently there has been a similar allegation against the Binance, so perhaps now it seems that the Binance ex-CEO also had to choose one side.

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